Smartphone Evolution: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Our culture is hugely dependent on the mobile phone. Think about it, we don’t make appointments any more – just a vague place and time, and then we call each other – even when we’re across the road from the person we’re planning to meet!


It wasn’t always like this. Remember the days before the smartphone? When, if you arrived at a destination and someone wasn’t there, it was cause for concern… when, if you forgot to buy milk you didn’t order it online, you had it black instead…



A personal version of the ‘evolution of the smartphone’


I remember when (not too long ago) the first mobile phones came out. My first one was the size (and colour) of a brick and people were suspicious of them. “Won’t they cause cancer?” we asked.


Then soon we all had one. And they got smaller and smaller until the buttons were barely visible.



Then came the camera phone! I remember an older relative saying. “I want a phone that calls people. Why do I want a camera too? I already have a camera.” To which the reply was: “Yes, but it does other cool stuff too – like let you play games (the very advanced ‘snake’) and it works as an alarm clock!” Unsurprisingly, their response was simply: “I already have an alarm clock”.



Then people started using their camera phones more extensively, as the picture quality improved and the screens were big enough to actually see the picture you’d taken.



And, not too long after that, something almost magical happened… the camera phone turned into a smartphone – with internet connectivity! Initially it was slow, clunky, and didn’t really do much more than share email but soon *free*instant messaging took off. And smartphones began getting ‘smarter’. Soon they weren’t just a phone, with a couple of interesting, but duplicated, features anymore. They started becoming a way of life.



Now it’s a challenge to walk down the street without bumping into someone who is focused on their phone, not on where they’re walking.



Businesses are making the most of smartphone technology too


That’s why most businesses now issue their employees with smartphones these days, so we can make best use of what is now ubiquitous technology for both pleasure and business.


The simple fact is that mobile technology is changing the world of business travel and expenses. From booking a flight, to reserving a hotel, or even doing your expenses – these days, it can all be done on a smartphone.



For example, imagine if you didn’t have to do expenses at home, at midnight, to meet the deadline; or keep piles of receipts… It’s no longer a strange vision of a futuristic world. Smartphone technology lets us do so much more than ever before. It really has changed our lives.



As long as we don’t forget our battery chargers… but that’s another story.


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