Spending Simplified: Taking the Hassle out of Invoices

Congratulations! Year-end expenses are in, processed and paid. Give yourself a pat on the back. The busiest expense week is over, and now you can relax.


Or can you? Because let's face it: the work never really stops, the focus just changes. At the start of a new year, invoices are top of mind. New suppliers need to be set up and new projects need to be paid for.


How Invoicing Can Be Managed Better

Invoice management is an important process for every company. Even a moderate-sized business can process thousands of invoices every month, which requires a lot of resource. And of course, there's no room for error along the way.


So, why do some businesses still rely on manual methods? If you’re one of them, it’s an unfortunate truth that spreadsheets and piles of paper leave your business open to the risk of inaccuracies and delays.


What is Concur Invoice?

Concur Invoice automates invoice management to reduce your average invoice processing cost. Cloud-based and convenient, it gives you visibility while speeding up payment times, so you can avoid late payment fees and manage spend proactively.


You can capture invoice data electronically using optical character recognition (OCR). Plus, three-way matching with purchase orders, receipts and invoices improves accuracy.


How Does It Help You?

Finance teams can manage invoices anytime from anywhere leading to greater control. This doesn't just smooth out your invoice process; it also creates a positive working environment, where people can do more in less time, flag and resolve issues faster, while staying compliant.

How's that for a helping hand to kick start the new year?


Visit our website to find out more about Concur Invoice.



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