Sun, Sea and Expense Management. How SAP Concur is Making Life Easier During the Summer Holidays

It’s August, the holiday season in the UK. Think long summer evenings, kids off from school for their 6-week break, possibility of a slightly slower pace of life for a while. But a change in daily routine doesn’t have to impact how things get done, working life still happens, staff will create expenses, invoices need to be paid and spend managed.

Thankfully being out-of-office doesn’t mean out of the business (unless of course you want it to be), with mobile technology giving you a PC in the palm of your hand, business apps are now more accessible than ever before meaning you can still be in control of your company expenditure even when on a beach in the Bahamas.  

You are on a two week break and you realise that you forgot to submit your expenses before you left the office. No need to worry you will miss the payment deadline, a quick snap of the receipts on the mobile app and off it goes for approval, no need to log on or waiting until you are back. This also helps your employer as they get visibility of spend earlier and you get paid quicker.

Recent research from YouGov claims that 60% of people check their emails while on holiday, with keeping on top of work being the main reason for doing it. Being able to approve things on the go without looking at emails can only help with the work life balance we are all trying to achieve.

With expense and invoice solutions from SAP Concur you can do just that. Sign off that important supplier invoice you have been waiting for so that payment can be made on time or agree an expense claim from an employee. Everything is right there in the app, enabling you to review before you approve. No delays and taking up minimal time.

With lots of things to think about during the lead up to a holiday, we like to believe that expense and invoice is taken care of no matter where you are in the world. If only we could guarantee the weather or stress-free travels, like we can easy expense and invoice management.


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