The Duty of Care Evolution: Keeping Your Employees Safe

From global events, to natural disasters, and everyday human error – managing duty of care is a huge responsibility. But are you one of the 77% of businesses that can’t locate business travellers quickly and accurately in an emergency? As an employer, duty of care should be at the core of your organisation’s travel and HR policies.

Having a specialist partner can give you a comprehensive support platform for complete peace of mind. Concur Locate and Active Monitoring allows you to protect employees, wherever they are in the world. Our powerful travel risk management solution uses the latest technology to identify and assess risks, so you can stay up to date with changing travel plans. Active Monitoring – powered by HX Global – delivers 24/7 monitoring, so you know that your business travellers are safe and well.

Business Travel Visibility 

If you don’t have information about where your employees are and how they got there, you haven’t got a hope of being able to help them. But unexpected flight changes or global events can derail even the best laid plans. You need a dynamic, flexible system that can adapt with the situation. No matter how employees booked their travel, Concur Locate enables you to find and assess the safety of their location.
Part of this risk management support is our Active Monitoring service, which tracks global events so you’ll know exactly what’s affecting travel and how you can help employees on the ground.

Two-way communication

The power of effective communication is often underestimated. Imagine travelling for business and suddenly finding yourself in a foreign country, where you can’t speak the language – and you’ve lost your bag which had your work laptop, and more crucially, your passport, in it. You’re going to want to hear a friendly voice that can help. 

With Concur Locate, you can use voice, email, SMS or the Concur mobile app to communicate with employees around the world. Confirmation that messages have been sent, received and read prevents any miscommunication. You can also pre-empt problems by sending pre-travel advisory messages and alerts and providing incident analysis and reporting when employees return.

Real-time data

In an emergency, you need to know exactly where your employees are, fast. The last thing you need is to have to sift through piles of paperwork to find the right details for the right employee. Concur Locate can pinpoint employee locations, presenting them on an easy-to-view, data-driven map. It captures both travel plans and changes, so you’re best placed to help when needed. We can also help you send local response teams through our partner, Healix.

On 29th October 2019, SAP Concur experts and our partner, Healix, will be hosting a webinar to discuss the duty of care evolution. Learn how to leverage data and enhance your duty of care programme – sign up for our expert webinar today.




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