This Just In: Concur for Windows Phone Is New and Improved!

We listened to suggestions from our Concur community and our research and development pros have been hard at work improving the Concur for Windows Phone 1.1 app, which is now available on the Windows Phone Store.

We’ve kept the excellent features of our first release, including receipt capture, trip approvals, trips (with maps, direction, phone numbers, etc.), and the Receipt Store, but we’ve built out some additional features to meet the demand of our users.


So what’s awesome about our latest app?









  1. Added ability to create, view and edit Quick Expenses
  2. Added support for editing credit card charges and feeds



If users are allowed to edit card charges in the web version of Concur, then they can edit them on the Windows Phone as well. Also, the user can attach receipts to the card charge expenses.







  1. Ability to view the Expense List screen



Users will be able to view the list of expenses, which will include card charges and Quick Expenses.



What else can you do with our Concur for Windows Phone 1.1 app?


Manage and track business expenses and receipts












  • Import data from credit cards
  • Create a Quick Expense
  • Photograph receipts and edit expenses
  • Keep track of receipts using our Receipt Store



Manage and track business travel









  • Manage flight, hotel and dining itineraries
  • Managers can approve trips



Our updated app is available for Windows Phone 7.5 and 8. Check it out. Use it. Review it. And then, send your product suggestions to


Photo credit: Attribution Some rights reserved by vernieman

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