Top 5 Items on my 'Must Not Forget' Packing List

My next trip starts today – a quick overnight trip to Paris. I’m flying in late tonight and back late tomorrow. I’m so glad that our travel and expenses policy allows me to fly in the night before a meeting – I am definitely not an early bird who wants to be on the 6am flight. Anyway, as I am packing today I thought I’d share the Top 5 “must not forget” items on my packing list:

Top 5 items on my packing list

  1. Headphones - it's not nice to disturb other passengers, so I use headphones a lot. Plus, it helps me block out any outside noise when I want to concentrate or sleep.
  2. Power cables and international adaptor - because I travel a lot I use a a one-size-fits-all adaptor. It saves a lot of hassle and requires less thought when I'm packing.
  3. Toothbrush and toothpaste - yes, it's possible to buy this at the airport, but it's not always easy to find my favourite brand of toothpaste or toothbrush.
  4. Passport – I keep all my other travel details online with TripIt (try it!)
  5. Foreign currency and credit card - it goes without saying that money makes the world go around. But it helps to have the right kind of money!

And the 6th...

If I could choose 6 items, my one “nice to have” is a pair of slippers! A colleague once told me that any hotel room can be home if you have comfy, warm feet – there’s something in that for me…

What about you?

What are your “must haves” when you travel for business?

ABOUT Anita Marsh

Anita Marsh is the Director of Online Marketing for Concur in Europe and a frequent business traveller. For the last 15 years Anita has been seen most of the UK, a lot of Europe and parts of the US by plane, train and car. Like many business travellers she always buys the cheapest possible tickets, and although she loves travelling for business (mostly to visit her team or attend events), she knows it can often be frustrating, painful and unproductive. On this blog Anita shares stories about her travels including: tips, tools, and (hopefully only occasionally) tales of woe.

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