Top 5 tools for mobile working [pt. 1]

We currently occupy a more open approach to mobile working than we ever have as a society. We understand the value in a versatile workforce, that people can be working from home or a café and be as, if not more, productive than in the office. This forms a notion surrounding potential, not location.

Now of course being ‘mobile’ extends differently to different industries and personnel; sales may be continually on the go, while some may be based out of one location. For those on the go, having the correct tools is pivotal.

We think there are 5 clear instruments that keep people productive. Trudging back to the office after a meeting because they “couldn’t do that remotely” is fast becoming a distant memory. Here is our first 2:


1. Information


One of the most important parts of any job is information, and access to that information, whether specific to you or company-wide,

With the advent of modern tools, it’s no longer good enough to merely have a filing cabinet. Companies are shifting rapidly to using online tools, such as CRM [Customer Relationship Management] software to store client data, the sales pipeline and other information specific to their company. But there also needs to be a central location where employees can access company-wide documents. A hub, whether that be SharePoint, Dropbox, or another solution where staff are able to quickly gather and use information as they see fit.

The traditional method of collaborating by sending attachments isn’t good enough for the mobile worker - they deserve more!


2. Platform


While it is imperative to gain access to information, you also need to be able to create, to add – from anywhere. Nobody wants to be getting back into the office to type up all the notes that were taken during meetings. It’s slow and wastes time.

Take OneNote, for example; whether you are using a laptop, phone or tablet, you are able to record information from wherever. Whether you are adding an image, hand-writing or typing notes - you want it all in one unified platform.






  • Expenses



Then you have tools like Concur, a great example of a quick and simple app which enables you to quickly add and submit your work expenses, whether that be through a tablet, phone or PC. When you are on the go, too often searching and filtering receipts is at the bottom of a long to-do list - only to chaotically submit past your deadline.



Every second counts, so use the correct platform to utilise your time effectively.



There you go, that is our top 2 tools, stay tuned for the next 3 in our list.



This is a guest blog post by Cloudamour. Cloudamour, a Concur partner, is a UK based Cloud Service Provider that focuses on the Microsoft stack of Cloud services. They specialise in Office 365, Microsoft Azure, SharePoint, Enterprise Mobility Suite and Skype for Business. Their experience and success delivering these solutions has led them to become the Microsoft Worldwide Cloud Partner of the Year.


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