Travel, expense and invoice - three processes, one solution

On any given day, you can guarantee that one of your employees is booking a business trip, submitting an expense claim or raising a purchase order. That’s a lot of spending out of your hands – how do you keep track?

Do you manage travel on one system and review expense claims on another? Perhaps you have a paper-based expense process. Or maybe your invoicing system is completely disconnected from everything else.

Things would be easier if all three processes – travel, expense and invoice – were managed in one place. One tool to learn, one source of reliable data, one reporting system. That’s what you get with SAP Concur.




Travel, expense and invoice management are all part of the SAP Concur platform. Alone, these solutions can help you increase visibility, improve compliance and cut costs. But when you bring everything together, the benefits are even greater – for you, your business and your employees.


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