TripIt Arrives on Apple Watch

Gives Travelers Hands-Free Access to the Information They Need the Most

London, March 27th, 2015: TripIt® from Concur®, the world’s highest-rated travel-organizing app, today announced the launch of its Apple Watch app. Built from the ground up for the Apple Watch experience, TripIt gives travelers access to the information they need the most while traveling; their flight, hotel and rental car information, as well as real-time flight alerts for TripIt Pro users, all without having to slow down and pull out their phones.

“Our mission is to help travelers get one step closer to experiencing ‘The Perfect Trip.’  One of the ways we do that is by taking advantage of new technologies, like the Apple Watch, that have the ability to drastically change the way we travel from now on,” said Jen Moyse, head of product for TripIt from Concur.

The newest addition to TripIt’s suite of native wearable apps, TripIt for Apple Watch helps travelers get where they need to go—even when their hands are full. Now TripIt users can see their travel plans throughout the day, pull up their flight details before they head to the airport, and even confirm their hotel’s check-in time when they land—right from their Apple Watch. TripIt Pro users will also receive real-time flight alerts, including: connecting flight information, gate changes, flight delays, and more.

Thanks to TripIt’s direct connection with Concur, business travelers that book their travel through Concur will also have access to their travel plans on the TripIt Apple Watch app.

“We’ve all been there. You’re walking through the airport, luggage and coffee in hand, and you need to check your gate number and see if your flight is on time. Now, imagine having that information, updated in real-time, and available right on your wrist,” continued Moyse. “We built TripIt for Apple Watch with today’s traveler in mind. Especially for those of us who don’t have a hand to spare, but still need to know what’s coming up next.”

How It Works

TripIt for Apple Watch gives travelers hands-free access to the information they need the most, so they can get where they need to go quickly. TripIt users simply pair their Apple Watch with their iPhone, and they’ll have instant access to their travel plans right from their wrist. On the day of a trip, TripIt users will see their flight details, hotel reservations and rental car reservations on their Apple Watch. From there, they can tap on the screen to pull up their reservation details and see their hotel or rental car location on a map.  

TripIt Pro users will also receive real-time flight alerts right on their Apple Watch. When it’s time to check in, or if there has been a change in their flight, like a gate change or delay, TripIt Pro users will receive a “tap on the wrist” to let them know. Tapping on the alert will launch the TripIt app on their iPhone, giving them access to even more details on the change.

TripIt for Apple Watch is now available and can be downloaded from the App Store. While TripIt organizes travel plans in one place for free, a subscription to TripIt Pro is required for real-time flight alerts ($49/year).

Concur users need to have a subscription to TripLink to access their business trips on TripIt. 

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