We Do More Than Just Expense. How Working Together Allowed apetito UK to Improve Their Invoice Process

What do you do when one part of your expense management system is working well giving you the control and visibility you require, but other areas not so much?  You look for a new solution of course.

With automation and cloud technology becoming the focus for many business functions is it any wonder that accounting departments are next to follow suit. This new technology allows them to have: data stored securely, automation of payments and real time updates. All while saving time on invoice processing and spend approval. These benefits add up to better spend management and use of employees’ time.

This is exactly what apetito UK did. Being the UK’s leading food producer for the health and social care sector the business deals with a lot of data. They needed a system that would allow them to bring everything together. How does a company with 1,200 employees, some of them drivers making 63,000 deliveries, across 63,000 routes each year keep up with that?

After using Concur© Expense for several years and seeing a marked improvement in how employee expenses were managed and paid, apetito UK came back to SAP Concur and asked if we could help with their invoice management. Of course, we said yes!

Their legacy system was slow and marred by bureaucracy, no one wants a 10-step procurement process for a simple request or be unable to make decision for their team. apetito UK understood that by implementing new technology their issues could be taken away, allowing invoices to be raised and paid on the go, being able manage data more effectively and to simplify the whole process, taking slow or mundane tasks away from the team.

Since August 2018 Concur Invoice© has enabled apetito UK to:

  • Increase the amount of staff using SAP Concur across the business
  • Capture invoices quickly and accurately
  • Stay on top of spend
  • Streamline purchase requests and automate approvals
  • Spot inaccurate and duplicate invoices before they get paid

Now they have a system that allows them to be the agile business they want to be. To find out more about how SAP Concur changed the way apetito UK manages it’s invoice process read the full case study now.



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