Webinar: Improve Your Duty of Care Confidence

Picture the scene, you send your top employees away on a business trip with one objective – close the deal. They plan the trip, book their travel and practice their pitch. But then unfolds a series of unfortunate events that no one anticipated.

What would you do if you received an emergency call from an employee? Who would you send to help? Not every business is lucky enough to have a dedicated team behind the scenes ready to burst into action when something unexpected happens.

If this is a concern for your business, Concur Locate and Active Monitoring can help. Working in partnership with Healix, we can offer employee support whenever and wherever it’s needed.

SAP Concur offers integrated travel risk management that allows you to stay one step ahead of a variety of risks that could impact your employees. Specifically, our Concur Locate and Active Monitoring solutions can provide:

  • Unparalleled location data using information from a variety of sources
  • Superior communication tools that employees can respond to quickly
  • Proactive risk monitoring 24/7 to identify issues before they arise
  • The confidence you need to deliver on Duty of Care


Now you can connect real time data for total visibility to support employees whatever the situation.

Want to know more? Join our Concur Locate webinar on 20 Feb to get your questions answered

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