What Is a Manual Invoice Process Really Costing You?

Change is hard. It’s easy to think your paper-based invoice process isn’t actually doing any harm, even though you know it’s cumbersome and time-consuming. But putting off AP invoice automation for another day is a mistake.


Because the truth is that your paper-based AP invoice process is probably costing you more than you think. We’ve pulled together a few assets to show the real cost of your paper-based process.


They make a powerful case for not putting off switching to invoice automation any longer.



Tips to Streamline Your End-to-End AP Invoice Process

60% of finance team time is spent on day-to-day tasks like processing supplier invoices? Streamlining – and even removing – these time consuming, error-prone tasks is essential if you and your team want to deliver the insights and analysis your business needs as you plan for growth.


From the moment your business receives invoices, right through to payment, there are a number of steps you can take to cut manual data entry, improve accuracy and ensure you pay within your ideal timeframes.


This eBook will show you how intelligent automation and machine learning technology can free up time and make the end to end process quicker and less tedious, so you can focus on growth.


Tips to Streamline Your AP Invoice Process

From purchase to payment, there are many steps in the AP process that can be automated and simplified to save your teams’ time.



Concur Invoice ROI Calculator

Research suggests invoice automation saves the average small- to medium-sized business £8 per invoice and means finance employees spend 68% less time processing invoices.


You can find out how much time and money invoice automation could save your business by using our Invoice ROI Calculator.

Calculate Your ROI

Work out how much you could save by automating your supplier invoice process.


The Value of Automated Travel, Expense and Invoice Management Report

Independent research firm AMI spoke to 500 small and medium-sized businesses around the world to uncover the underlying costs of using outdated processes and to determine the ROI of implementing automated solutions.


Highlights include the finding that businesses using automated supplier invoice management solutions see time savings of 9 hours per week for each member of the finance team. And average annual savings for these businesses are nearly £27,000, but for businesses using Concur Invoice that increases to over £33,000.

The Value of Automated Invoice Management

Find out what SMBs in the UK are saving by switching to paperless supplier invoice automation.


Accounts Payable Automation: A Buyer’s Guide

In this guide, you will find answers to common questions such as:


  • The value of automation and why now is the time to change
  • Key considerations for choosing the right solution
  • Top 10 questions to ask solution providers 
  • Why SAP Concur is the right fit for your business
  • How to go about putting together a business case


If you’ve never created a business case or struggle to develop ones that get approved, then this guide can help because it looks at the steps to success. Each step is based on years of experience and best practices, and they build upon one another to help you put together a powerful business case that will get you the buy-in you need.

Invoice Automation Buyer’s Guide

What to consider when you’re thinking about implementing an automated supplier invoice process.


The Everyday Difference Invoice Automation Makes

Invoice automation delivers huge efficiencies and benefits for your business.


But it also makes a huge difference to the everyday lives of your team, as well as the people in the rest of business.


Take the experiences of Concur Invoice user Atech Support as an example. Finance Director Andrew Simcock reports:


“Concur Invoice is probably saving the finance team 2.5 hours a day, which is fantastic. The finance team love it and wouldn’t want to go back. One team member has jokingly said they’d leave if they had to go back to the paper-based process. For the senior management, who get to use the app out and about, it’s much easier for them. For the owners, they get more visibility, which they’re really happy with.”


Read more about Atech Support’s experience with Concur Invoice.


Take a Self-Guided Demo of Concur Invoice Today

To see how Concur Invoice helps you capture, process and pay invoices, take this self-guided demo.

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