What's Your Paper-Based Expense Process Really Costing You?

It’s easy to think the paper-based processes you have at the moment might be a little time-consuming and frustrating, but aren’t actually doing any harm. But this isn’t true. In fact, your paper-based processes are probably costing you more than you think. 


We’ve pulled together a few assets to show the real cost of your paper-based expense process. Whether it’s you that needs to be convinced or other people in your company, you’ll find the information you need here. 



Letting Go of the Manual Process Status Quo eBook 


If you’re using paper, spreadsheets, and emails to process expense reports, track travel and payments, and chase down supplier invoices, it’s costing you time and money – and probably more than you think. 


Approximately 50% of SMBs say that manual processes hinder visibility into cash flow, increasing the risk of fraudulent or unqualified spending. And, on average, accounting and finance staff spend 14% of their time processing invoices – that’s more than five hours per employee per week. 


It’s also likely to be stopping you from growing. As a small or medium-sized business, you can’t just “throw more resources” at a cumbersome task the way larger enterprises can. Instead, you need to work smarter by harnessing what automation has to offer.  


The Letting Go of the Manual Process Status Quo eBook has more on: 


  • The risks that you are exposed to by continuing to use paper- and spreadsheet-based processes. 

  • The true costs of continuing to operate at the status quo. 

  • How a truly connected, automated spend management solution can help. 

  • The ROI you can expect by upgrading your expense or invoice process – or both together. 

Letting Go of the Manual Process Status Quo

What's a paper-based process really costing you and what can you deliver for your business by switching to automation?



Concur Expense ROI Calculator 


Research suggests the average small or medium-sized firm will save £24,000 a year by implementing an automated travel and expense solution. But what about your company? The Concur Expense ROI Calculator will show you the savings you could expect. 

Calculate Your ROI

How much could automating your expense process save you in the long run?



The Value of Automated Travel, Expense and Invoice Management Report 


Independent research with analyst firm AMI explored the automation story of 500 small, medium and national-sized businesses (under 1,000 employees) around the world to uncover the underlying costs of using outdated processes and to determine the ROI of implementing automated solutions. 


The findings of the research revealed that businesses can save over 500 hours and up to £50,000 with an integrated travel, expense and invoice solution. Download the report for the full data. 

The Value of Expense Automation

Find out how SMBs in the UK manage their expenses and the benefits that those who have automated are experiencing.



Expense Automation Solutions: A Buyer’s Guide 


When you’re ready to explore and evaluate automated expense management to transform your operations or business to an automated, cloud solution, there are several steps to consider when building a business case internally. 


If you’ve never created a business case or struggle to develop ones that get approved, then this guide can help because it looks at the steps to success. Each step is based on years of experience and best practices, and they build upon one another to help you put together a powerful business case that will get you the buy-in you need. 

Expense Automation Buyer's Guide

What you need to consider when thinking about automating your expense process.



The Day-to-Day Difference Expense Automation Makes 


The big picture changes expense automation brings are thanks to small, day-to-day shifts. Take the experience of Maria Santos Roman, Office Manager at DRC Capital, as an example. 


Before, Maria had to manually enter every single credit card transaction. Now, transactions automatically flow into Concur Expense from the bank and Maria can quickly check every transaction and forward it on for approval. “It’s one of the features I like the most,” she says.  


Another Concur Expense feature Maria highlights is its ability to spot inconsistencies. She says: “One partner submitted a receipt. He forgot to recycle it and when he found it a couple of months later he submitted it again by mistake. SAP Concur picked the duplication up whereas I would have simply missed it.”  


And it isn’t just Maria who has been helped by Concur Expense: it’s the rest of the business too. “People have taken to Concur Expense very well because they can take pictures of their receipts and then recycle them.”  


To see the day-to-day difference Concur Expense makes, read the DRC Capital case study 


Test Drive Concur Expense Today 


If you’d like to see how you can improve productivity, compliance and control over your business expenses, take a free test drive of Concur Expense

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