Winter is coming…

**Warning contains GoT spoilers**


You know nothing, Jon Snow.


As the battle shifts from the Iron Throne to the Night King the only certainty is that nobody is safe and anything can happen. Especially with an undead dragon in the mix. As Jon Snow and co. gear up to try and unite the houses to fight a bigger enemy it’s not a surprise to see that travel has become essential. Frequent trips beyond the wall are now a necessity, as are the creaky boat rides into the bowels of Kings Landing. Whether it’s by dragon or horse drawn cart, the Game of Thrones heroes are illustrating just how important travel is to getting the job done. 


Luckily for us the notion of business travel doesn’t involve travelling 4850 miles from Pentos to Meereen by horseback. However, some journeys can feel like it. And the nightmare of figuring where you need to go and what to do in case of trouble can make it even worse. Unless you have Lady Brienne by your side.




There may not be any white walkers roaming wild but there are real challenges when sending employees away for business. Not only is the world becoming a lot less secure, but there are also challenges to your business policies which could put your company at risk. These factors make two way communication and employee duty of care a much more prominent talking point ranking number two on the buying agenda for 2017.


Concur Locate with active monitoring is able to not only help locate your employees in times of trouble, like when faced with a 70 tonne dragon, it can also be used to communicate messages and remind business travellers of company policy whilst on the road. Using feeds captured within Concur Travel and Expense, you can arm your business to gather real time information and be able to respond to any situation more quickly than the three-eyed raven.


While as a business you might hope to emulate the values of Jon Snow, when it comes to travelling employees, you’re much better of taking a leaf out of Cersei Lannister’s book. After all, not a single thing happens in King’s Landing – or the wider world – that Cersei doesn’t know about. For more information and to see how you can get complete visibility of your business employees visit Concur Locate.


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