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The average supplier invoice ties up 15 people on its journey across your company. Without efficient processes in place, this has the potential to significantly slow your workforce down and prolong the overall payment process. Yet, AP automation is changing the way businesses manage their invoices. No longer the preserve of large companies with lots of employees and complex approval workflows, even small businesses can experience big benefits from automated solutions that offer zero upfront costs, a speedy installation and low ongoing usage fees. Take a look at the top challenges your business is likely to face without streamlined processes in place and see how companies of all sizes can step off the supplier invoice merry-go-round. 


Is your AP process as efficient as you would like? This guide shows you the truth behind the AP process and demonstrates how automation can reduce errors, save time and help you become a partner to your business.


Employee expenses are expensive. Supplier invoices – inefficient. Here are 5 simple ways you can take control of your employee spend. 


This report contains survey results of companies across a variety of industries, as well as current market trends, in order to provide a comprehensive look into today’s IWA software sphere.


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Concur Risk Messaging: Because keeping all employees safe isn’t an option, it’s your duty.


Work is stressful enough without having to worry about where all your employees are located or what’s happening in their part of the world. Do you have an emergency communication plan that allows you to track every itinerary of every traveller on every trip even if it’s booked outside your managed travel programme? Our Risk Readiness Checklist covers 5 essential areas you need to consider to ensure you are best equipped for every eventuality


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Major European investment bank capitalises on improved expense processing, using Concur
Vertex positively charged to integrate Travel and Expense with Concur
Alfresco find an innovative way to get expenses done on the go with Concur’s mobile application
Trumpf sees immediate expense management time savings with Concur’s rapid deployment
Experienced a quick recovery from its processing headache using Concur
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Businesses expect greater insight and efficiency from their finance team. But handling supplier invoices can be tricky without the right processes in place. We asked 500 UK finance professionals to share their perspective with us in a survey by Vanson Bourne. What would you wish for? 


Today, what defines success in online invoice management is changing. In the not-too-distant past, a company which could electronically archive and retrieve invoices could consider its management of invoices a success. According to a recent survey of finance professionals by the Aberdeen Group, “From the Shadows to the Forefront: AP Automation and the Strategic Vision,” if a company’s invoice management process is set up for success, it stands to reap huge financial benefits: 3x more cash flow than their peers, a 38% decrease in Days Payable Outstanding, and 62% greater early payment savings. But what defines success today? Get all the key facts and figures from Aberdeen's study in this handy infographic.


A new report from PayStream Advisors reveals a big surprise: despite the steadily increasing use of electronic formats for invoice management, many companies have not truly automated their AP 
process from receipt to payment. See the infographic


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Describes the value and benefits of Concur's Service Administration solution
Describes the value and benefits of Concur's Business Intelligence Solution
Describes the value and benefits of Concur's Invoice Management solution
Concur best practices, certifications and attestations ensure client information is safe and protected and services are available and perform properly
Describes the value and benefits of Concur's Consulting and Configuration solution
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Read Gartner’s 2015 "Strategic Roadmap for Postmodern ERP" and learn how cloud-based solutions greatly enhance your ERP. The paper highlights what CIOs and ERP leaders should be considering as they think about the future of ERP solutions, learn about how: 

  • Single massive systems are no longer the foundation of sound ERP strategy 
  • Coexisting cloud and on-premise applications are the new norm for ERP environments 
  • To compete, organisations must become more functional, flexible and user-friendly 
  • Companies will struggle with multivendor, multidelivery and multienterprise customisations within their ERP 

It's more important than ever for AP teams to help organisations streamline key internal processes and access spend data to support strategic decision making. This research paper explores the current state of supplier invoice procedures in the UK and the challenges facing a cross section of businesses.