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Research conducted with 200 CEOs and FDs into their concerns about HMRC, expenses, VAT and compliance.

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Increase compliance and gain a 100 per cent receipt audit


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Young’s turned to GlobalExpense (now from Concur) to help them simplify the process and deliver timely information to help them manage costs
GlobalExpense (now from Concur) has enabled Sainsbury’s to take control of expenses and reduce un-receipted claims that has led to improved policy compliance and cost control.

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Last year, the UK economy lost £52 billion from fraud and 70 per cent of companies suffered from at least one type of fraudulent activity. Yet only half of UK companies have a fraud policy in place. With cyber crime set to increase throughout 2014, this report investigates the rise in e-commerce fraud, tackling financial services and card fraud, and corruption risks in emerging markets. It also explores the importance of company anti-fraud and whistleblowing policies, and how businesses can better protect their digital assets and IP.