Concur is an SAP Company
Case Studies (2)
Young and Co.’s Brewery, P.L.C. is a public limited company that manages all operations for selling food and drink through its network of pubs. Previously, Young’s employees had to use a spreadsheet-based form to claim expenses. The tedious, manual process – which required the finance team to spend additional time to process, validate and pay employees – was often inaccurate and time consuming. Young’s turned to GlobalExpense (now from Concur) to help them simplify the process and deliver timely information to help them manage costs.
Sainsbury’s began using GlobalExpense (now from Concur) in 2004, having moved from a spreadsheet based system and reimbursing colleagues by cash or cheque. Operating more than 573 supermarkets and 430 convenience stores, Sainsbury’s employs 155,000 people. GlobalExpense is used to manage and control all expenses, whether for store-based colleagues, sourcing departments based in Asia, or store support centre colleagues. Now all local purchases in stores are made using procurement cards with transactions feeding through to the GlobalExpense solution for easy reconciliation by the card holder.