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If you team is spending too long processing expenses on spreadsheets or are lost in mountains of receipts, maybe it’s time to look for a new way to manage employee expenses. This guide shows you 5 ways to fix your expenses process, so you can save time, claim the VAT you are entitled to and ensure policy compliance.


Some top tips for creating an expenses policy... and some mistakes to avoid!


All businesses should have an expenses policy providing employees with proper guidelines. 
This guide shows you how to create or improve your own business expenses policy with sample language based on industry best practice including:

  • Introducing your policy 
  • Employee's and manager's responsibilities 
  • Fraud, bribery and corruption 
  • Suggested costs for expenses that would normally be reimbursed, such as Travel, Accommodation, Food and Entertainment. 
  • Exclusions 
  • How to automate your expenses 

Read how finance leaders are increasingly required to turn data into insight that enables informed decision-making to direct or influence the organisation’s current and future business plans. 

But how easy is it to get this data from expenses spend?  And what are the risks of not having this data? 

Take a look at this short paper to find out how visibility into expenses spend can give you the insight to make strategic decisions to drive change and growth for your business. 

Find out more about: 

  • The risks of not having visibility into spend, 
  • How visibility can give insight and, 
  • How visibility enables changes. 

No matter how much you're currently spending to manage your travel and expenses, Concur can help you cut costs and find new ways to save, as well as drive compliance throughout your organisation. This infographic shows you that the proof is in the numbers. 


Have you ever had doubts about getting started with something new?

Whether its booking an expensive holiday to a new destination, or implementing an expense management solution that will be used by many, if not all, of your company, doing something that hasn't been done before can sometimes be considered risky: especially when it affects other people.

Fortunately, however, there are ways of preparing in advance; reading reviews, blogs, watching case studies or speaking to others, who've done the same thing can all help.  But sometimes there's nothing quite like experiencing the real thing.

A pilot program is one way of implement change that reduces risk.

This whitepaper shows you the three main reasons why pilot programmes are typically done, and how they allow you to run a small scale deployment to help your business learn how a larger-scale version might work in practice.

The three main reasons covered are:

  1. How a pilot programme can help minimise risk
  2. How a pilot programme can help alleviate doubts by building consensus
  3. How a pilot programme can help provide evidence

Did you know that employee expenses cost the UK economy and estimated £8.2bn per year.  View this infographic to see how much your current expense process may be costing your business and discover a new way, which could actually be a source of hidden cash that could improve your balance sheet. 


There’s a different way to look at expenses

Employee travel and entertainment expenses cost the UK economy an estimated £8.2 billion per annum. However, this largely unpredictable cost could be seen in a different way: as a surprising source of hidden cash that could actually improve your balance sheet.

Read this whitepaper for 5 Top Tips to justify investing in an automated expense management solution:

  • Consider the true costs of your current expense management process.
  • Don’t overlook hidden savings on VAT reclaim, supplier negotiations and more.
  • Go beyond financials — calculate the value of saved time and improved productivity.
  • Consider your company’s objectives and culture.
  • List potential benefits for your company, and share successful case studies.

An easy-to-skim e-book for sales managers and anyone else interested in giving their sales team more time back in their day, by automating the expenses process. Because saying goodbye to time-consuming spreadsheets and piles of receipts is easier than you think.


Businesses are often resistant to change because they don’t want to risk replacing a system that is “good enough” for something that, in the end, could prove to be worse. But moving from doing expense claims on an ad-hoc, manual basis to using a better, cloud-based mobile expense management solution provides value across the board. 

In this e-book learn how to convince your business to automate your expenses: 

• Identify Employees’ Frustration Points 
• Partner with the Head of Sales 
• Make IT Your Champion 
• Speak the CFO’s Language 
• Next Steps