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Ongoing MP expense scandals and new government legislations have brought a sharper focus on the topic of compliance for many finance leaders. They're examining whether employees are complying with travel and expense guidelines and they're also investigating if the business's expense process would stand up to HMRC and legal scrutiny. This eBook offers insights into how you can successfully tackle both internal and external compliance with the right systems and processes in place. 

This white paper looks at expense management automation from the perspective of the cautious - to really think about the reasons why they might not automate their expenses. It then answers their top 5 concerns, and provides some case studies to show why they should automate their expenses.

Employee expenses are expensive. Supplier invoices – inefficient. Here are 5 simple ways you can take control of your employee spend. 


If your team is spending too long processing expenses on spreadsheets or are lost in mountains of receipts, maybe it’s time to look for a new way to manage employee expenses. This guide shows you 5 ways to fix your expenses process, so you can save time, claim the VAT you are entitled to and ensure policy compliance.


Have you ever had doubts about getting started with something new?

Whether its booking an expensive holiday to a new destination, or implementing an expense management solution that will be used by many, if not all, of your company, doing something that hasn't been done before can sometimes be considered risky: especially when it affects other people.

Fortunately, however, there are ways of preparing in advance; reading reviews, blogs, watching case studies or speaking to others, who've done the same thing can all help.  But sometimes there's nothing quite like experiencing the real thing.

A pilot program is one way of implement change that reduces risk.

This whitepaper shows you the three main reasons why pilot programmes are typically done, and how they allow you to run a small scale deployment to help your business learn how a larger-scale version might work in practice.

The three main reasons covered are:

  1. How a pilot programme can help minimise risk
  2. How a pilot programme can help alleviate doubts by building consensus
  3. How a pilot programme can help provide evidence
Brochures (3)
This guide gives you 8 reasons why small and medium-sized companies have decided they're not too small to automate. And how you can benefit too.
Reduce costs and ensure expense reimbursements meet internal and regulatory policies.
2012 Concur T&E Spend Report - A Unique Look at Global Travel and Entertainment Expense Data. Available Exclusively from Concur.

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Hear from our customers on how choosing Concur has helped them to gain efficiency and productivity.


Hear from our customers on how Concur has helped them to gain both visibility and cost control of their T&E process.


Informative video provides a quick overview of the advantages of one integrated travel and expense management solution


Complete your expense reports quickly and accurately. Get visibility, better reporting, and easier expense management. Discover how Concur expense can help your business.


Understanding how you spend and reconcile your money is how you begin to: take control of your T&E expenses, ensure internal policy and external regulatory compliance, and set your strategy.  Discover how easy it is to reduce your risk as you’re no longer the slave to the administration process, but rather the master of the direction your company will take financially with the Concur Travel and Expense solution.

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If you're looking for a better way to manage the travel and expense process, register now for our live Webinar. See for yourself how quick and easy Concur's powerful and affordable cloud-based travel and expense management solution is.

Discover how organizations are significantly cutting costs with an automated travel and expense management process.


Case Studies (14)
Metsäliitto Group, a multinational forestry and manufacturing organisation, regularly sends 1,500 of its employees across the globe and uses Concur to manage the process.
For AEGON, a global financial services company with UK headquarters in Edinburgh, a manual expense claim process had been standard protocol for as long as anyone could remember. UK employees equipped with a corporate card were tasked with filling out a long paper-based expense form and submitting it to the Finance department. But, in this fast-paced industry, handling expenses for 1,000 employees became a long and cumbersome process, with employees spending too much valuable time on expense claims. This led to an evaluation of automated expense systems and the implementation of Concur® Expense
POhWER selected Concur to replace an existing web-based system and ensure cost-reductions due to time-savings, auditability, compliance, ease of access and ease of use (especially thanks to the mobile app).
NEC Europe Standardised, Simplified and Automated its travel and expense process with Concur
Concur has helped EvoBus (UK) Ltd to improve their systems, deliver value-added work and give them control and compliance. The result is that they have realised significant time-savings and have the confidence to pass an HMRC audit.
Testimonials (5)

BAE Systems implements a solution that meets their global business requirements


By integrating policies with preferred air and hotel vendors, company gains control over exceptions and decreases policy violations


Concur is user-friendly, offers huge cost savings, and gave our users control


Concur client toasts the savings from expense automation


Concur helps popchips make light work of expenses

Infographic (5)

Concur surveyed members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) about their use of financial technology. Based on the results, it seems that there are two kinds of finance departments in the UK. Download this info graphic to find out which kind of company you are.


Did you know that employee expenses cost the UK economy an estimated £8.2bn every year.  View this infographic to see how much your current expense process may be costing your business and discover a new way, which could actually be a source of hidden cash, that could improve your balance sheet. 


Find out how T&E automation can reduce bottom line costs - it's easier, quicker and more cost effective than you think. 


No matter how much you're currently spending to manage your travel and expenses, Concur can help you cut costs and find new ways to save, as well as drive compliance throughout your organisation. This infographic shows you that the proof is in the numbers. 

The UK's Busiest Expense Day is December 19th
Solution Sheet (15)
Configure Concur for complex and global requirements
Integrate Concur and Saleforce CRM for contact and opportunity integration
Describes the value and benefits of Concur – Expense management solution
Straightforward Expenses solution for companies with less complex needs
Describes the value and benefits of Concur – Travel and Expense management solution
Reports (30)

In your role, you perform a delicate balancing act every day. Managing the control over cash flow and spend while stepping up to the increasing demands from your business to be a strategic decision making partner. Download the 6 Reasons to consider automating your employee spend to see how Concur can simplify your expenses and supplier invoice processes, saving time for both the finance team and employees.


Businesses are often resistant to change, especially if individuals cannot understand the benefit to them and their teams. See how to convince your business to move away from a manual process to regain control of employee spend.



Today's organizations have a lot to think about when it comes to travel and expense management. Greater business intelligence, visibility, risk mitigation and the ability to adapt amid today's mobile workforce are just a few examples. Organizations must reevaluate existing strategies for travel and expense management, how to overcome key challenges and structure a robust program that balances core competencies and modern technology enablers. Read this report to find out the impact of these trends in achieving ROI and business process improvements for 2014 and beyond. 


By changing a few simple procedures and automating your employee expenses process you can quickly get control of your T&E spend, not only benefiting your bottom line and being HMRC compliant, but also making the process easier for everyone involved.

Thought leadership – Insight into Expense Compliance