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Travel Solutions designed to enable travellers to book easily within their corporate travel policy, gain pre-trip approval from managers as well as see and manage their booking on the go
Welcome to the Social Era, where enhancements in technology have transformed business travel from spreadsheets to digital receipts. These changes are important; they impact your travel and expense routine, your policy practices and the dynamics of your office. We’ve asked both Concur and industry experts to explain how the Social Era has permanently changed the way we travel for business, and...
Where was the most popular place worldwide for business travelers to dine out, drive in or hang their hat in 2011? Concur looked at half a billion expense line items to find the top T&E trends in business travel last year. Our results reveal where travelers are spending money, where they aren’t, and what the state of the industry is at home and abroad.
Seamless travel and expense management: the benefits of an integrated T&E solution Most employees need to travel on business for their company and claim business expenses at some point in their lives—whether it’s a one off trip to an industry conference, a regular trip to the company HQ, an international business trip, or more frequent client visits. Each of these trips means that an...


Expenses solution that makes it easy to employees to do their expenses on the go and save themselves time, as well as providing visibility and control for Finance.

All businesses should have an expenses policy providing employees with proper guidelines. 
This guide shows you how to create or improve your own business expenses policy with sample language based on industry best practice including:

  • Introducing your policy 
  • Employee's and manager's responsibilities 
  • Fraud, bribery and...

Read how finance leaders are increasingly required to turn data into insight that enables informed decision-making to direct or influence the organisation’s current and future business plans. 

But how easy is it to get this data from expenses spend?  And what are the risks of not having this data? 

Take a look at this short paper to find out how...

Infographic based on results of a December 2012 YouGov survey on UK attitudes on expenses exaggeration.


The Concur mobile app is a buddy to our web-based solution. It allows travellers to view and change their travel booking on the go as well as do their expenses.
Infographic: A YouGov survey commissioned by Concur of over 1,000 UK business travellers reveals that over one in three business travellers miss out on the benefits of mobile apps.
Alfresco find an innovative way to get expenses done on the go with Concur for Mobile Alfresco Software was formed in 2005 and is the leading open source alternative for enterprise content management (ECM). It couples the innovation of open source with the stability of a true enterprise-class platform. The company recently decided to automate their expenses process and implemented Concur.

Additional Services

A range of additional services offered by Concur to ensure that you gain the most value from your Travel and Expenses solution.

It's more important than ever for AP teams to help organisations streamline key internal processes and access spend data to support strategic decision making. This research paper explores the current state of supplier invoice procedures in the UK and the challenges facing a cross section of businesses. 


Businesses expect greater insight and efficiency from their finance team. But handling supplier invoices can be tricky without the right processes in place. We asked 500 UK finance professionals to share their perspective with us in a survey by Vanson Bourne. What would you wish for? 


Is your AP process as efficient as you would like? This guide shows you the truth behind the AP process and demonstrates how automation can reduce errors, save time and help you become a partner to your business.


Compliance Services

Our Compliance Service offering delivers complete control and guaranteed statutory compliance for your VAT on your expenses. (UK Expenses only)
Young and Co.’s Brewery, P.L.C. is a public limited company that manages all operations for selling food and drink through its network of pubs. Previously, Young’s employees had to use a spreadsheet-based form to claim expenses. The tedious, manual process – which required the finance team to spend additional time to process, validate and pay employees – was often inaccurate and time...


TripIt captures your travel itinerary data from any source and makes all of your booking details available online or on your smartphone.
After your business trip is booked, managing all the trip details – from air, hotel, dining reservations and more – can be time consuming and disorganized. Plus, you need access to information about flight delays, cancellations, gate changes and your baggage claim location. You want to know about weather, driving directions and maps, and identify your loyalty number for your hotel. These...

Small Business

A straighforward expenses solution for small companies (typically up to 100 employees) who want an inexpensive, fast and easy expenses solution.
IHRM Corporate & NWA Collection is a company providing representation, distribution and technology, as well as revenue management, sales and marketing solutions to the global hotel industry. They have offices in Spain, Italy, the U.S. and the UK. A young and emerging international company, they have taken the decision early on to implement a Web-based expense management solution to help manage...

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Is your AP process as efficient as you would like? This guide shows you the truth behind the AP process and demonstrates how automation can reduce errors, save time and help you become a partner to your business.