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Research conducted with 200 CEOs and FDs into their concerns about HMRC, expenses, VAT and compliance.
Research findings show that the future of the finance function is bright for those willing to automate and integrate processes.
Imagine a world where inputting, submitting, paying and analysing expenses is completely painless - a world that's better for managers, senior executives, finance teams and expense claimants. Want to know how to turn this vision into reality?
This white paper looks at expense management automation from the perspective of the cautious - to really think about the reasons why they might not automate their expenses. It then answers their top 5 concerns, and provides some case studies to show why t
In each report, the ICAEW give a review of a topic within finance and management, offering both analysis of the relevant theory and a review of the practical application of appropriate mana
The difference between what claimants and claims processors think about expenses.
UK Expenses Exaggeration Executive Summary - 2013
This helpful, four-part Myth Busters Guide busts 18 commonly misunderstood myths about business expenses, VAT reclaim on travel expenses, and mileage. It's a quick and easy skim-read. You might even learn something you didn't know...
When it comes to expenses, having a policy is the logical starting point. This template includes sample language and tips to create or improve your policy, based on industry best practice.
Use this step-by-step guide to implement a new expense management system for your business.