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Research findings show that the future of the finance function is bright for those willing to automate and integrate processes.
Expense management essentials: an HMRC compliance checklist, common expenses misconceptions - busted, and how doing expenses on the Cloud (not on spreadsheets) improves productivity, visibility, cost-control and employee satisfaction.
This research paper presents a list of the top ten tips for the management of small business expenses
Learn how mid-sized companies integrate an expense management solution with their corporate card program
Research conducted with 200 CEOs and FDs into their concerns about HMRC, expenses, VAT and compliance.
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This guide gives you 8 reasons why small and medium-sized companies have decided they're not too small to automate. And how you can benefit too.

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This video demonstrates the magic of what TripIt and TripIt Pro can do to help decrease the chaos and increase the peace in your travels.


The integration of TripIt Pro with Concur Small Business means the start of a paperless organization.


Anytime, anywhere: Mobile Travel Booking. Booking travel has never been easier with Concur’s mobile app. Search preferred suppliers, check out your options, make your choice, easily add a car, or take a train


Expense claims are fast and simple with Concur Small Business edition


Take a tour of Concur Breeze from start to finish

Case Studies (6)
POhWER selected Concur to replace an existing web-based system and ensure cost-reductions due to time-savings, auditability, compliance, ease of access and ease of use (especially thanks to the mobile app).
Concur has helped EvoBus (UK) Ltd to improve their systems, deliver value-added work and give them control and compliance. The result is that they have realised significant time-savings and have the confidence to pass an HMRC audit.
Phonak chose Concur because "it was a no-brainer". Now they can save employees time, because they can do their expenses while on the road. And they can report on spending much more easily.
IHRM Corporate & NWA Collection make travel and expense easier with Concur Small Business edition
Concur Small Business edition helps Lexacom dictate their expense claim process
Testimonials (4)

Concur client toasts the savings from expense automation


Concur helps popchips make light work of expenses


Concur client toasts the savings from expense automation


Concur helps popchips make light work of expenses


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Easy expenses solution for small businesses

Reports (1)
The spread-sheet is the Swiss Army knife of SMB software. But using a spreadsheet to manage your expenses process is like using a toothpick to spread marmite. You can do it, but do you really want to? Here are the top 10 reasons to automate your expenses,