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In the UK, knowing what taxes need to be applied to or reclaimed on a business expense can get confusing. We bust some myths about what's really claimable on expenses.

The way businesses manage their travel and expenses (T&E) is changing. Emerging technologies, an increasingly empowered workforce and new models of business travel have transformed the playing field for the finance team. So how can finance do what's right for both employees and the business and step up to offer broader insights into company spend and forecasts that guide strategic business decisions? 


A major aspect of a company's Duty of Care is Travel Risk Management (TRM) – ensuring the safety of your employees when they are travelling for business. This GBTA whitepaper documents recent research into the topic 


Today's organisations have a lot to think about when it comes to travel and expense management. Greater business intelligence, visibility, risk mitigation and the ability to adapt amid today's mobile workforce are just a few examples. Organisations must reevaluate existing strategies for travel and expense management, how to overcome key challenges and structure a robust program that balances core competencies and modern technology enablers. Read this report to find out the impact of these trends in achieving ROI and business process improvements for 2014 and beyond. 


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2012 Concur T&E Spend Report - A Unique Look at Global Travel and Entertainment Expense Data. Available Exclusively from Concur.

This report details how leading organisations manage traveller risk management for their employees and maintain Duty of Care policies. It demonstrates that mobile access, visibility, and policy are tied together to manage the key aspects of risk.


Introducing the most powerful way to track, locate and communicate with your employees - everywhere on earth. No matter if your people are on the road or in the office, you'll have all their location and itinerary data all in one place. Risk Management from Concur helps you maintain Duty of Care by combining real-time risk assessments with employee location and itinerary information - plus essential two-way communication capabilities.


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Huddle cuts expense payment time from six weeks to two and eliminates paper receipts using Concur.
“We wanted a single, self-serve, online travel booking tool” Martin Lonsdale, Strategy & Performance Manager, Vertex Vertex Data Science Ltd, a global leader in business process outsourcing (BPO) and customer management outsourcing (CMO), were existing users of Concur’s expense solution when they made the decision to deploy Travel with Expense and implement this integrated solution across their global enterprise.
When the London branch of one of Europe’s leading investment banks was looking for an automated solution, rather than continuing to use a previous manual system to manage the expense process, it chose Concur. The bank was looking for a solution that would help it shorten the time it takes to process claims, and over the years that our customer has been using Concur it has found it a flexible solution to enhance its expense management process with workflow, approval, reporting and audit.
When Takeda UK, a wholly owned subsidiary of Takeda – Japan’s largest pharmaceutical company – was looking to replace its current labour intensive travel and expense claim and invoice process, it saw Concur® as the perfect solution to “reduce costs, enforce travel policy, improve efficiency and provide total visibility”, according to Bill Walker, Takeda UK’s Finance & HR Director.
Since 1873 Unisys has been introducing technology services and solutions to organizations around the world. As one of the top 10 full-service IT outsourcers in the world, Unisys is recognized as a high-tech industry leader. Implementing high-tech solutions to deliver enhanced business processes to clients is the Unisys mission and in keeping with that mission, the organization wanted to implement an on-demand corporate travel booking solution to help them manage business travel spend.
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The biggest benefit in terms of integrating Concur with the CliqBook would be in terms of productivity. That the employees would be able to indeed have those travel-related needs integrated into Concur, and it would give them big benefits that they don’t need to input their transactions on the itinerary back into Concur again. The biggest benefit which comes out of this global deployment is in terms of the management information reporting. That now we can have those reportings available for the real management, and we can do better analysis of the expenses which are incurred.


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Find out how T&E automation can reduce bottom line costs - it's easier, quicker and more cost effective than you think. 


A new report from PayStream Advisors reveals a big surprise: despite the steadily increasing use of electronic formats for invoice management, many companies have not truly automated their AP 
process from receipt to payment. See the infographic


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With Premium Implementation, you are assigned a Consulting Manager and project team to manage your implementation. These dedicated resources have at least seven years of experience and have managed hundreds of implementations. Premium Implementation provides dedicated Concur expertise to guide you through all the important decisions to ensure the Concur Premier Travel and Expense service meets your broad, global requirements.
Easily finding independent and competitive travel content that is both locally specific and globally relevant is not always a simple task. This becomes even more difficult when organisation-specific travel policies, reporting needs and traveller conveniences are factored into the equation.
The Concur Trust Platform is founded on two key elements necessary in any business; good security and service management. Leveraging industry best practices, Concur operates a framework of audited processes and controls that help protect client information from unauthorised access and ensure Concur’s online services operate to meet customers’ demand. Concur’s best practice service management processes, high-granularity access control, audit logs, vulnerability management, security scanning and continuous monitoring deliver confidentiality, integrity and availability to clients.
Concur' Central Reconciliation service provides a streamlined method to reconcilecentrally-billed accounts using the benefits of an integrated travel and expense platform. It matches the pre-approved travel request amounts (for instanceamounts from the Concur Travel booking) with the actual invoiced amounts (lodgetransactions amounts). This streamlines reconciliation and improves accuracy.
Salesforce and Concur make a great combination – while one helps you reduce costs, the other helps you increase sales and both create efficiencies for employees. With the introduction of the Concur Salesforce® Connector these two solutions can be instantly integrated in the cloud to provide unparalleled visibility and ease-of-use.
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Expense management can be tricky—so choosing a vendor with the right level of expertise is key. This report from Analyst House Quocirca provides a handy checklist on what to consider when choosing a solution to automate expenses as well as what to look for in an expense management vendor.
Seamless travel and expense management: the benefits of an integrated T&E solution Most employees need to travel on business for their company and claim business expenses at some point in their lives—whether it’s a one off trip to an industry conference, a regular trip to the company HQ, an international business trip, or more frequent client visits. Each of these trips means that an employee will incur business expenses and need to get these reimbursed once they return.
An Executive Summary of a study conducted by Vanson Bourne, on behalf of Concur, which investigates how business travel and entertainment is vital to help fuel business growth, especially in times of austerity.
A YouGov survey of more than 1,000 UK business travellers commissioned by Concur – a leading provider of integrated travel and expense management solutions – has identified several common pains associated with business travel. The pain points include: wasted time, lack of productivity, feeling exhausted, feeling unhappy with the experience, and the frustration of having to face a ‘stack of receipts and expense reports’ after returning from the trip. The survey also reveals that business travel can have a negative impact on job satisfaction – a fact which employers would be wise to address.
Welcome to the Social Era, where enhancements in technology have transformed business travel from spreadsheets to digital receipts. These changes are important; they impact your travel and expense routine, your policy practices and the dynamics of your office. We’ve asked both Concur and industry experts to explain how the Social Era has permanently changed the way we travel for business, and what it means for your day-to-day dealings.