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Travel Solutions designed to enable travellers to book easily within their corporate travel policy, gain pre-trip approval from managers as well as see and manage their booking on the go

Unmanaged travel is inevitable. It happens in even the best travel programmes, and it happens often. Learn how Concur TripLink captures every itinerary regardless of where it was booked, and how it can help you see where and when your team is travelling. 


Quick overview of Concur's integrated travel and expense management solution

What are the latest travel and expense management trends in the UK? Renowned analyst company, the Aberdeen Group, has just released a report about how best-in-class UK organisations are structuring their expense management programs



The Concur mobile app is a buddy to our web-based solution. It allows travellers to view and change their travel booking on the go as well as do their expenses.
- A YouGov survey commissioned by Concur of over 1,000 UK business travellers
Alfresco find an innovative way to get expenses done on the go with Concur’s mobile application
The Concur mobile app helps simplify the business travel experience with up-to-the-second itinerary information in the palm of your hand. The Concur mobile app also makes managing expenses faster and easier, enabling on-the-spot reporting


Compliance Services

Our Compliance Service offering delivers complete control and guaranteed statutory compliance for your VAT on your expenses. (UK Expenses only)

Increase compliance and gain a 100 per cent receipt audit




TripIt captures your travel itinerary data from any source and makes all of your booking details available online or on your smartphone.

This video demonstrates the magic of what TripIt and TripIt Pro can do to help decrease the chaos and increase the peace in your travels.




Expenses solution that makes it easy to employees to do their expenses on the go and save themselves time, as well as providing visibility and control for Finance.

All businesses should have an expenses policy providing employees with proper guidelines. 
This guide shows you how to create or improve your own business expenses policy with sample language based on industry best practice including:

  • Introducing your policy 
  • Employee's and manager's responsibilities 
  • Fraud, bribery and corruption 
  • Suggested costs for expenses that would normally be reimbursed, such as Travel, Accommodation, Food and Entertainment. 
  • Exclusions 
  • How to automate your expenses 

Read how finance leaders are increasingly required to turn data into insight that enables informed decision-making to direct or influence the organisation’s current and future business plans. 

But how easy is it to get this data from expenses spend?  And what are the risks of not having this data? 

Take a look at this short paper to find out how visibility into expenses spend can give you the insight to make strategic decisions to drive change and growth for your business. 

Find out more about: 

  • The risks of not having visibility into spend, 
  • How visibility can give insight and, 
  • How visibility enables changes. 
Research findings show that the future of the finance function is bright for those willing to automate and integrate processes.

Additional Services

Additional Services

A range of additional services offered by Concur to ensure that you gain the most value from your Travel and Expenses solution.

A new report from PayStream Advisors reveals a big surprise: despite the steadily increasing use of electronic formats for invoice management, many companies have not truly automated their AP 
process from receipt to payment. See the infographic


This report contains survey results of companies across a variety of industries, as well as current market trends, in order to provide a comprehensive look into today’s IWA software sphere.


In this report, you will learn some of the key pressures which compel organisations to refine their AP processes and will also identify key technological capabilities which enable Best-in-Class companies to out-perform their peers across key metrics like invoice processing costs, time to process a single invoice and early payment discounts. The study will conclude with a discussion on the impact of an AP organisation on the bottom line and make a case for AP's role in attainment of strategic goals.


Small Business

Small Business

A straighforward expenses solution for small companies (typically up to 100 employees) who want an inexpensive, fast and easy expenses solution.
This guide gives you 8 reasons why small and medium-sized companies have decided they're not too small to automate. And how you can benefit too.


New Additions

Want to know what the latest materials are we've added to this website? This section lists the latest and greatest pieces we've commissioned or created.

There’s a different way to look at expenses

Employee travel and entertainment expenses cost the UK economy an estimated £8.2 billion per annum. However, this largely unpredictable cost could be seen in a different way: as a surprising source of hidden cash that could actually improve your balance sheet.

Read this whitepaper for 5 Top Tips to justify investing in an automated expense management solution:

  • Consider the true costs of your current expense management process.
  • Don’t overlook hidden savings on VAT reclaim, supplier negotiations and more.
  • Go beyond financials — calculate the value of saved time and improved productivity.
  • Consider your company’s objectives and culture.
  • List potential benefits for your company, and share successful case studies.