eBook: How Can Finance Leaders Deliver Intelligence Across the Business

Whether you’re a small business or a global enterprise, the role of the finance leader is changing.


Of course, managing cash flow and keeping an eye on what is being spent where is still extremely important. But finance leaders are also expected to deliver intelligent and actionable insights across the business. They are, rightly so, becoming valued and trusted advisors to c-level executives. No one knows what the future holds, but robust and automated processes can help businesses adapt quickly to change and use budgets more wisely. Finance leaders need to explore smarter and more intelligent spend management tools – that connect expense, travel and invoice data – to make this a reality.


Ultimately, today’s finance leaders have to deliver new levels of business acumen across their organisations. But many of them lack the visibility and control required to influence employee spending behaviour and simplify processes.


And there’s some worrying statistics that back this up…

  • 81% of finance leaders lack total visibility into expense, travel, and invoice spend
  • 77% are not confident their business can use spend data to locate employees in an emergency
  • 69% experience cumbersome, manual spending processes
  • 68% are not confident employees comply with travel and expense (T&E) policies


A lot of these issues arise from legacy or outdated systems that simply don’t provide the business intelligence needed for control and compliance. But as businesses grow, small problems now could become huge problems in the future. If you want to make informed, and intelligent, business decisions, you need access to reliable and consolidated data.


Find out how SAP Concur solutions make expense, travel, and invoice management easier for employees and help finance teams gain more insight into spending than ever before. Solutions with data visibility, simplicity and scalability at the heart help simplify spend management tasks and unlock new opportunities to grow your business.


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