AMI-Partners Report: Elevate Business Performance and Better Manage Spend with Automation

How much could an automated expense, travel and invoice process save you in both time and money? That’s what we wanted to find out when we commissioned a study with global analyst company, AMI-Partners. Specifically, what are the benefits for small and medium-sized companies with under 1,000 employees? Our research revealed that those with an automated T&E process are saving an average of nearly £22,000 annually while invoice solution users are saving nearly £25,000 annually.


And that’s just the cost savings – those responsible for processing expenses and invoices are saving over 15% of their time. That’s time that could be better spent on more value-added tasks like negotiating with suppliers and looking for areas to save the business even more money. The best part is the added visibility the business gets as a result, letting finance teams proactively manage their cash flow and adopt a more strategic outlook on the numbers.     


Download the full data to see how much a company your size stands to gain when embracing automation.