How a pilot programme can minimise the risk of automating your expenses

Have you ever had doubts about getting started with something new?

Whether its booking an expensive holiday to a new destination, or implementing an expense management solution that will be used by many, if not all, of your company, doing something that hasn't been done before can sometimes be considered risky: especially when it affects other people.

Fortunately, however, there are ways of preparing in advance; reading reviews, blogs, watching case studies or speaking to others, who've done the same thing can all help.  But sometimes there's nothing quite like experiencing the real thing.

A pilot program is one way of implement change that reduces risk.

This whitepaper shows you the three main reasons why pilot programmes are typically done, and how they allow you to run a small scale deployment to help your business learn how a larger-scale version might work in practice.

The three main reasons covered are:

  1. How a pilot programme can help minimise risk
  2. How a pilot programme can help alleviate doubts by building consensus
  3. How a pilot programme can help provide evidence