The Before and After Journey of Automating Travel, Expense and Invoice for SMBs - AMI UK Spotlight

Efficiently managing limited resources while striving to grow is a major challenge for UK SMBs. Traditional methods, like using spreadsheets to record travel, expense, and supplier invoice information, are inefficient and prone to human error. Firms using manual processes or failing to fully automate travel, expense, and supplier invoice management find it difficult to meet their goals and succeed in a fast changing business environment. Automation can make processes more efficient, data more reliable, and top business goals more attainable.

AMI-Partners connected with financial decision-makers in over 500 SMBs globally, including in the UK, to better understand their top objectives and the impact of implementing automated solutions on business outcomes.

This eBook will explore the ‘before and after’ experience of UK SMBs automating travel, expense and supplier invoice processes.