TripIt Pro from Concur: Organise Your Trip with One Itinerary

Trip Sharing, Mobile Alerts, Expense Integration and More…

Duty of Care

When travelling for business, it can be tricky to manage the multiple parts of your trip, and keep on top of all the details. But TripIt Pro® from Concur makes it easy. You can create one master itinerary in a secure place, regardless of where you book the various elements of your trip – and you can see that itinerary, quickly and easily, from anywhere in the world

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TripIt Pro from Concur: Travel Made Easy

TripIt Pro from Concur is like a personal travel assistant. You can keep everything in one master itinerary, whether it’s hotel, flight, taxi, and train bookings – or even restaurant reservations. How? TripIt Pro is a cloud solution that “automagically” captures your itinerary data from any source and makes all of your travel booking details available online or on your smartphone. It even imports them directly into your expense claim! You also get:

  • Mobile alerts that tell you flight status
  • Alternative flight options if your flight is cancelled
  • Automated trip sharing ability – great for group travel
  • A single dashboard view of all travel (for travel arrangers)
  • Automatic tracking of frequent traveller points programmes

Gain Control and Insight with TripIt Pro from Concur

Sometimes it’s easier, faster or cheaper to book a flight, a train, or a hotel, etc., online – without using your company booking tool. But that doesn’t mean you can't bring that data back into your system. When TripIt Pro is integrated into the travel and expense management solution, you get complete visibility of where your travel and expense budget is going, no matter where your employees book.