VAT Reclaim

If you’re struggling with HMRC, let us help you reclaim VAT to put money back into your business.

Why reclaim VAT?

VAT reclaim presents a huge opportunity. Did you know, on average, UK businesses miss out on 54% of the VAT they are entitled to reclaim on travel and expense costs (Vanson Bourne, 2017)? That’s a lot of money, that’s rightfully yours, stuck with HMRC. When you reclaim VAT, you can take back what your business is owed.

The data you need for accurate reclaim

SAP Concur offers an audit solution that lays the foundation for VAT reclaims. As expense claims are checked for compliance, line items containing opportunities for VAT reclaim can be more easily spotted. It’s the first step to putting money back into your business.

Expert help from our tax partners

SAP Concur is connected to a range of tax partners that specialise in VAT reclaim. They have expertise in both foreign and domestic reclaim and can use your SAP Concur data to identify, reclaim and reimburse eligible VAT.

Get started

SAP Concur and our tax partners can maximise VAT reclaim

Identify your partner

SAP Concur have partnerships with a range of tax specialists. We can help you identify the partner that’s the best fit for your business and make introduction.

Find the opportunities

By sharing your SAP Concur travel and expense data with your chosen partner, they can analyse your spending to identify reclaimable VAT in line with HMRC regulations.

Reclaim eligible VAT

The tax partners can manage the VAT reclaim process on your behalf – you don’t need to lift a finger. Soon you’ll see money that’s rightfully yours coming back into your business.

If you’re ready to reclaim VAT across your travel and expense spend, get in touch with SAP Concur today. We’ll help you find the right partner, and the right data, to make the most of the opportunity.

We’ve already helped Electrolux who, when working with SAP Concur, reclaimed 75,000 Euros in the first year compared to 18,000 Euros in the previous year.

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