How Connected Spend drives greater business value in Financial Services

SAP Concur Team |

At SAP Concur, we work with many businesses in the financial services industry. The more we understand their challenges, the easier it is to spot common trends. One example, most finance leaders don’t have complete visibility over travel, expense and invoice spend. We spoke with Sarah Carter – one of our Solutions Specialists – and she gave us 3 reasons why your business should get connected…


1 - Connected spend puts you ahead of the game

Cash flow management is a high priority, but three-quarters (75%) of finance leaders admitted their business often exceeds travel, expense and invoice budgets. 86% also agree that their travel, expense and invoice systems could be better connected for a single view of spend – is it time for you to take action?

2 - Connected spend gives you visibility and control

98% of finance leaders say it’s important to have total control over spend management. Being able to see and report on company-wide spend from a single place can help you accrue, budget, spot spending patterns and control costs effectively before they get out of hand.

3 - Connected spend helps you make better decisions

Travel, expense and invoice spend are often handled separately by different teams. Implementing simple processes that connect into a single system helps you to report on employee spend – wherever it happens, whenever you need I – to make more informed business decisions.


For more reasons on why your business should get connected, register and join SAP Concurs’ webinar where we will discuss how connecting all your employee spend can lead to greater spend reduction, better visibility and higher employee satisfaction: Connecting the dots on travel, expense and invoice spend