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How IT Can Help Businesses Benefit from AI and Other Advanced Technologies

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It’s not just the biggest businesses that can benefit from artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, greater productivity, a better employee experience, and improved security. With the right approach, solutions, and technology provider, companies of all sizes can achieve these benefits.

Those are among the insights shared in a recent SAP Concur-sponsored IDC Analyst Connection, Take Action: Five Top IT Questions at SMBs and How to Address Them Now. In the paper, Katie Evans, IDC’s worldwide research director, small and medium business markets, draws on her expertise and experience to provide answers and steps companies can take to level the technology playing field.

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Tackling Your Top IT Issues 

IDC analyst and researcher Katie Evans describes how businesses can successfully adopt AI, boost productivity and employee engagement, ease implementation, and more.

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Here’s a summary of some IT challenges the paper identifies, and ways Evans suggests to overcome them.

Accessing Artificial Intelligence 

It can be difficult for companies with few in-house IT resources to implement AI and machine learning on their own. Look to providers for help and ask them hard questions about potential time and money savings as well as for references and demos. Explore how their technology can automate manual tasks, provide forecasting, and improve the employee experience. Additionally, gauge their experience with AI and whether their technology delivers results and not just promises. “The last thing a small business needs to be is a beta tester of a buggy system that doesn’t save them time,” Evans says.

Getting Security Along with the Technology

Adopting new technology in pursuit of efficiency and opportunity is one thing. Keeping the investment safe and sound is something IT and other leaders often must work to ensure. Businesses should seek solutions with embedded security and make a case to top management for security by pointing out the heightened security needs stemming from hybrid and remote work, cloud-based technology, the potential for cyberattacks, and the data AI needs to function properly. Your business probably doesn’t have the time or expertise to implement and integrate AI and train your employees on it, so lean on your technology providers for this. Bundling your services and solutions is another cost-efficient approach.

Preparing your Business for New Solutions

Don’t overlook the essential step of preparing team members for change that comes with implementing AI. Key steps in getting ready for new technology and reaping its full benefits include making sure top management buys in so that they can effectively spread the message to all levels of employees. It’s also critical to make employee training a priority, because new technology and processes will undoubtedly change their daily work tremendously. Tap your solution provider for training and other advice. They’ve learned hard lessons from multiple implementations.

More Questions, More Answers 

Download the IDC Analyst Connection for the detailed discussion of these IT topics and others, with answers and actions that can help your business prepare for change.

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