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All your invoices, all in one place.

No matter how invoices are submitted—by paper or email—Concur Invoice brings every piece of data into one connected system. Our invoice management solution helps you efficiently control spending by automating the process.

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Seeing spending is essential. Controlling it is everything.

Knowing what goes out the door isn’t the same as controlling it. Accounts payable automation gives you more visibility into—and control over—your spending. With Concur Invoice, you’ll unlock powerful insights into how your business is spending, helping you proactively manage it.

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Keep your business moving with AP automation.

Managing invoices takes precious time, but when the process is automated, it’s faster. Last year, Concur Invoice managed millions of invoices that would have slowed even the largest, most efficient companies to a grinding halt. With automated, paperless AP solutions, you can do so much more.

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70% cheaper is 100% better.

By automating your invoice management, you can reduce processing costs by 40-70%. Concur Invoice reduces costs dramatically and automates AP from start to finish, saving you a fortune in both time and money.

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Connect spending data across all your systems.

Concur integrates with a range of ERP and accounting systems, bringing in account codes, item codes, supplier records and cost objects. That means a more seamless implementation that can save you time and reduce errors.

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