All aboard for complete control over travel expenses

Travelling for business is exciting. Whether you’re visiting a client’s office to show them your latest idea, building your skills through training, or closing a new international deal, the road outside your office is paved with promise. Until it’s time to claim your travel expenses, that is.

Travel expenses can be a time and cost-intensive exercise for employees. Fiddling around attaching paper receipts to spreadsheets, only to be told you’re not allowed to claim for that second coffee you had on the plane, is a demotivating task  – especially when you need to wait  to have them approved and costs reimbursed.

This approach is also problematic for employers, who are denied fast access to accurate data for budgeting and lose staff productivity while employees manually claim their expenses. Surely there must be a better way?

Save money

Thankfully, Concur Travel allows employees to submit their expenses quickly and easily – and receive the money they’re owed just as fast. By moving away from paper-based claiming, you gain instant access to up-to-date travel expenditure across your business – giving you the visibility you need to cut costs. Our solution even allows you to make it clear what employees can and can’t claim, so you can save some awkward discussions later on.

Save time

Instead of spending time finding evidence of their spending, your employees can book travel and submit expenses from their smartphone or desktop. Concur Travel automatically captures itineraries and credit card charges – so all your staff can waste less time frowning at spreadsheets, and spend more time getting things done.

Our solution is easier on your finance department too. They can audit and approve every expense quickly and effortlessly on our easy-to-use interface, then get back to their other daily tasks. And with support for multiple languages, as well as automatic currency exchange, car-mile allowance and tax distribution calculations, Concur Travel removes most of the more complex aspects of managing claims.

Gain control

Concur Travel even includes content from multiple global distribution systems (GDS) – including negotiated and published fares, direct connects and web-only fares – so you can make sure employees are choosing the most cost-effective option every time. And if your employee uses TripLink even direct bookings are captured and recorded. Concur itemises data from receipt images and travel companies and matches it to credit card data, for 100% claim accuracy and zero unnecessary expenditure.

All of this adds up to lower costs, complete visibility of expenses, and happier employees. So wherever your business takes you, let Concur Travel give you total visibility of travel cost and spend. Get in touch today to find out more.



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