Duty of Care: Can you reach employees anywhere at any time?

If the answer is no, you need to take action.


You might know where employees are. You might be able to identify and even predict the risks they face. But what good is this if you can’t talk to them? It’s like watching an event unfold on the news and knowing someone is affected but you can’t reach them.


Let’s not forget, managing duty of care is a legal requirement for every business.


So, if you’re wondering where you can make improvements, ask yourself...

  • Do you deliver automatic, pre-trip information to make sure your business travellers are prepared?
  • Can you reach employees using multiple channels (email, phone, text messaging etc.)?
  • Do you have two-way communication so you can confirm their safety and share information?
  • Do you have the resources and expertise to quickly and effectively support employees in need?
  • Can you track all communications, keeping tabs on who you’ve reached and who still needs help?
  • If a crisis arises, can you ensure your employees’ safety in 60 minutes or less?


According to a 2017 Business Travel Show survey, 43% of businesses say their greatest challenge in mitigating travel risk is effective communication. If your communication infrastructure isn’t up to the task, you’re not meeting your duty of care responsibilities.


70% of businesses are improving communication to reduce travel risk


If you can’t reach your employees anywhere at any time right now, you can with an infrastructure that will…

  1. Capture complete, accurate and real-time business travel itineraries
  2. Combine that information with third-party risk-assessment data
  3. Support it all with the ability to monitor and communicate with every traveller


Ultimately, to prepare for the travel challenges of tomorrow you need to take action today.


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