Frequently Asked Questions About Managing Travel & Expense and Supplier Invoices

As a finance professional, you probably feel you’re expected to know everything about finance. But if you’re like most people, you’re not as sure about some things as you’d like others to think.


Sometimes, it’s the basic stuff. What can you claim as an expense? What should a supplier invoice need to include? Other times, it’s about regulations. What are the rules around VAT? What are the latest reporting requirements? You may also feel you have gaps in your knowledge about processes. What does best practice look like? How does automation help?


If this sounds like you, download our latest eBook, Frequently Asked Questions About Managing Travel & Expense and Supplier Invoices.

Frequently Asked Questions on Managing Travel, Expenses and Invoices



The Answers to All the Finance Questions You’ve Ever Had – But Were Afraid to Ask

We talk to finance professionals all day every day. All our customers are unique and have unique requirements. But many of the questions they have are the same. Answering all those questions and creating a comprehensive resource was the thinking behind this in-depth eBook with answers to nearly 50 of the most asked questions.


When the answer is straightforward, you’ll find all the information you need in the eBook. When we need to point you in the direction of further information, we have. And as with all these things, we always recommend discussing the specifics with your accountant.


The eBook divides into four sections: Managing Travel & Expense, Managing Supplier Invoices, Better Spend Management and Visibility, and Common Myths and Misconceptions.


Here’s what you’ll find in each of the sections.


FAQs About Managing Travel & Expense

Travel and expense (T&E) make up somewhere between 8% and 12% of the average company’s total budget. So anywhere you can make savings or maximise the efficiency of the process will make a big difference to the bottom line.


We also see plenty of finance teams concerned about compliance. This is reflected in the fact 68% of finance leaders aren’t completely confident employees comply with company T&E policies.


If getting to grips with T&E is one of your New Year Resolutions, this section is a great place to start. It answers the most frequently asked questions around T&E – including what you can reclaim and what best practice looks like.


FAQs About Managing Supplier Invoices

65% of a company’s operational costs are made up of supplier invoices. They take up a big chunk of the finance team’s time too. Overall, the majority of UK companies know their supplier invoice process could be improved.


If you’re part of that majority, this section is for you. We look at the frequently asked questions around the AP process – everything from the information a supplier invoice needs to include to how invoice capture works.


FAQs About Better Spend Management and Visibility 

Better spend management and visibility is one of the most widely known benefits of finance automation. But how does it actually do this? If you have questions in this area, this section is for you. It looks at everything from the partners we integrate with to how automation helps with budget and cashflow.

Busting Common Myths and Misconceptions 

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions when it comes to finance automation. The final section of the eBook busts the ones we hear most often. Whether it’s you that needs convincing or your colleagues, this is the section you need.


Get Up to Speed Now

In short, if you feel there are gaps in your finance knowledge, Frequently Asked Questions About Managing Travel & Expense and Supplier Invoices will fill them in. If you want to ask us a question directly, contact us at 01628 761 100.

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