SAP implemented Concur: What can your business learn?

SAP are renowned for being at the forefront of developing modern technology, helping thousands of businesses simplify their processes. But it’s not only their customers who benefit from this approach.


With an annual travel and expense spend of 740 million Euros, it was time to put in place a best of class system to drive smarter business decisions and improve the employee experience. That’s where Concur – a spend management solution – came in.


After implementing Concur, SAP realised a number of benefits:


  • Simplified travel and expense management
  • Improved employee satisfaction using an intuitive mobile app
  • Reduced expense processing time and reimbursement cycles
  • Easier to navigate tax requirements for different countries


To learn more, join our webinar on 14 November to see how SAP implemented Concur in 65+ countries to over 80,000 employees.


During the webinar, SAP’s Vice President of Category Procurement and the Global Process Manager for P2P will share the lessons they learned along the way. If you can’t wait for the webinar, watch this short video to see how Concur supports SAP.


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