Taking The Pressure Off Your Business Expense, Travel and Invoice Management Process

Managing business expenses, travel and invoicing processes is important, but there’s no denying it can be a hassle. It doesn’t have to be. SAP Concur’s integrated platform takes the pressure off everyone – at every stage of the process.

Taking the pressure off… employees

Anyone who has ever travelled for work probably knows the pain of submitting their travel expenses. It’s a necessary hassle that had to be squeezed into the working week.

You’ve left it until Friday afternoon as you had no time to do them before. Now you’re rummaging through a pile of paper receipts and trying to remember if it was Tuesday or Thursday when you caught that taxi… Then there’ll be the inevitable rejection of a few claims that weren’t submitted correctly, leaving you out of pocket until it’s sorted.

SAP Concur makes life easy for travelling employees. Airline, hotel, restaurant, and car company e-receipts can be pulled straight into the app on the employee’s mobile device. They can also take photos of any receipts directly through the app, saving manual input.

Concur Expense reduces employee reimbursement times by two thirds on average – and easier, faster processes make everybody happier!

Taking the pressure off… the finance team

Speed is important for finance teams. Concur Invoice speeds things up without sacrificing accuracy by automating processes and removing the need for spreadsheets, paper systems, and manual entry.

Invoicing is an area where you never want to find nasty surprises. SAP Concur lets finance teams spot inaccurate or duplicate invoices before they get mistakenly paid, and reduced manual data entry means fewer errors in the first place.

Saving time on manual entry and dealing with fewer mistakes gives finance teams time back for more valuable work. Every team is different, so the platform can be customised to suit individual needs. They can then use SAP Concur to improve forecasting with pre-defined reports, dashboards, and key metrics.

Taking the pressure off… management

Senior management don’t want to get bogged down in the nitty gritty of spend management. They want a clear view of the big picture.

SAP Concur offers a single integrated platform that gives them full visibility and control. Now it’s easy to enforce spending rules and review spend from any device. You can set the platform to match your own company policy and quickly catch any out-of-policy expenses.

Timely and accurate data means you can make better business decisions. You can integrate SAP with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and take advantage of a detailed reporting dashboard and analytics. Also, you can sleep easy knowing that data stored with SAP Concur is secure.

SAP Concur takes the pressure off everyone when it comes to spend management! Learn more today.




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