Seven Ways to Simplify Supplier Invoice Management in the Enterprise

In this eBook, we’ve identified seven ways to make the invoice process easier for employees and the finance team. By simplifying processes, you’re able to keep everyone productive without losing track of where every penny is being spent.

So, if you’re like many finance leaders, you’re probably wondering: “How can I simplify our processes?” And for good reason. Finance teams in fast-growing businesses are spending a whole day each week on admin tasks. When you’re not dealing with piles of paper, mistakes and unhappy suppliers, your time’s taken up with staff frustration and low team morale. And just when you think you’ve got your invoice process sorted, another team member has moved on – taking their skills and knowledge with them.

At the same time, there has never been more demands on the finance team. You’re expected to balance the books, manage cash flow and drive the growth strategy of the business. But where do you find the time? Perhaps that’s why 73% of finance leaders feel their role is more reactive than strategic.

When you make the invoice process easy for employees, that creates more work for finance, right? Finance end up chasing paper trails and checking every invoice and line item for errors. But if you ask employees outside of Finance to do more of the work upfront – with complex workflows and approvals – that drags the process out and causes frustration. In fact, it is possible to put a process in place that makes life easier for employees and the finance team. A process that speeds up invoice capture, approvals and processing for everyone while ensuring compliance and protecting the business against risk.

Concur Invoice is just the start of your simplification journey – read on to see how to take the first step to more simplified spend management processes