Connecting the Dots on Business Spend: How to Mitigate Risk with Centralised Spend Management

When it comes to navigating uncertainty, the most important factor is having control of your business spend. 

With 81% of finance leaders saying they don’t have complete visibility over travel, expense and invoice spend, and 86% of finance leaders saying that their travel, expense and invoice systems could be better connected for a single view of spend -  many businesses are taking this opportunity to look at their spend management processes. 

They know that when you have visibility into spend you have critical insights you can use to control it, so you can avoid risks and be able to direct funds right where they need to be. 

How is your business managing travel, expense and invoice processes during uncertain times? These three 

areas have one thing in common – employees. They hold the purse strings and make decisions on behalf of your company. Do you have total visibility into this spend? We asked 500 UK finance leaders from businesses of all sizes about their employee spend management practices. 

The research revealed that despite some process improvements, there are still a number of worrying gaps. In particular, many face growing challenges around visibility, compliance and duty of care. So, how does your business compare?