Expense claim processing made easy

Increase automation of tasks for better speed, accuracy, and VAT reclaim

Minimise the time your employees spend on expense claims with the right technology

When employees travel for business, they must submit expense claims for the travel expense costs they incur. These costs can accumulate from hotel stays, meals, airfare, and other transportation. In the past, claiming expenses often meant collecting receipts and filling out itemised paperwork, which would then be submitted for approval. Weeks might pass before claim settlement and expense reimbursement occurred. Today, automation is the key to a simplified expense claim process. With Concur Expense, your staff can easily:

  • Submit expenses, including mileage claims, for Value-Added Tax (VAT) reclaim
  • Follow expense policies when submitting expenses and spot out-of-policy spend when approving
  • Capture receipts and approve expense claims while on the go

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Make sure employees are claiming mileage and other travel expenses from HMRC

Businesses in the UK miss out on 54% of the VAT they can reclaim, on average (Vanson Bourne, 2017). With more accurate and automated receipt capture, and auditing services from SAP Concur that check for policy and receipt compliance, your business can assure adherence to HMRC requirements and increase VAT refunds.

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Build a smart, easy-to-follow expense policy

Offer employees a streamlined process, less manual data entry, and the ability to submit expense claims on mobile devices, and you’ll enjoy more adherence to company policy. With SAP Concur, you can build a travel and expense policy unique to your business.

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Automation and mobile receipt capture help users claim expenses on the go

With the SAP Concur mobile app, travellers can easily snap photos of receipts and upload them into expense claims. In addition, corporate card expenses and e-receipts from hotels, airlines, and transportation services flow into Concur Expense automatically. So when it comes time to claim expenses, travellers can quickly complete the task via the app.

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Four ways to create a smarter expense claim process

To create a travel and expense process that works for your organisation, ditch draining admin tasks for a better, more automated way:

Provide technology that allows employees to quickly capture receipts with their mobile phone.
Flow in accurate data from credit cards and digital receipts to build expense claims.
Track business mileage via a GPS-enabled mobile app so there’s no guesswork involved in claiming mileage.
Automate your travel and expense policy so employees can immediately respond to red-flagged items, rather than being notified weeks later.

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Automated data entry leads to a higher degree of accuracy. All the fields are populated so there is no more chasing of half-completed claims.”

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How to solve three common expense process issues

90% of finance leaders find their employees face problems with submitting expense claims. Does your staff have any of the following issues? SAP Concur can help.

Problem: Lost receipts
Solution: Provide a mobile app that lets employees capture receipts straight away by taking a photo.

Problem: Time-consuming manual data entry
Solution: Save employees time and reduce typing mistakes with an automated solution that prepopulates expense claims with electronic travel receipts and credit card data.

Problem: Out-of-policy spend
Solution: Make it easy for employees to follow the rules by building your policy into an automated solution that flags out-of-policy expenses for immediate attention.

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The prepopulation of expense claims has shaved time off the process, while the overall time spent managing expenses has reduced significantly.”

Mark Sandison
Business Solutions Manager