Retailers: How to Attract Tech-Savvy Customers and Employees

Some children can use a smartphone before they can read. Fortunately, they don’t dominate the workforce or your customer base – yet. But as technology continually infiltrates our lives, everyone has higher expectations. Here are five ways technology can help retailers attract tech-savvy employees and customers:


Personalised Experiences

Personalisation is all about relevance and understanding the individual to drive loyalty. Customers place huge value on experiences, so it’s essential to tailor their journey. For example, use their name, purchase history and preferences to suggest new products, so they feel valued. Personalisation also creates a feeling of intuitiveness which makes the path to purchase easier.


Instant Response

Patience is thin when it comes to interactions with technology. Whether that’s receiving a notification that a payment has gone through, or getting a reply on a social media comment. You and your business need to embrace service technologies to build strategies that meet these demands 24/7.


Self Service

With high technology proficiency, employees and customers want to do more things for themselves, rather than wait for someone else to do it for them. Think processing invoices or exchanging an item. Instead of having a team of staff to do this, why not utilise tech to implement a system that will give them the opportunity to self-serve?

Freedom and Flexibility

Flexibility massively influences employee retention. Combining the stability of a permanent role with the flexibility of a freelance contract – like the opportunity to work remotely – can be a huge productivity and satisfaction booster. Cloud-technology can play a big part of this, by giving employees access to software that works at any time, from any location.


Easy-to-Use Tools

Employees expect the tools they use for work to be as intuitive as the ones they use in their personal lives. When it comes to submitting expenses for example, your business can use automation to make the process easier. Concur Expense allows employees to capture expense line items by snapping receipt photos on their smartphone. Claims can then be submitted, tracked and approved through a mobile app, without compromising on accuracy, so everybody wins.


This is just one example of how SAP Concur technology can support retailers.

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