Travel Has Changed, Here’s How You Adapt


What does going places look like now? 

Everyone knows business travel is no longer business as usual. But what is the new norm? Let’s start with the fact that people are moving again. It’s also clear that the way corporate travellers budget and prioritise trips has changed. They’re considering safety and flexibility more than ever; they’re scheduling virtual meetings when that makes the most sense; and when they do choose to travel, they’re selecting direct flights, investigating health restrictions and regulations, and putting more thought into where they’re going and why. 

Since people aren’t going from Point A to Point B the way they used to, companies are forced to adjust. 

You have the tools to take on the new era of travel as businesses and business travellers become more intentional in their trip planning. And as safety and budget requirements get more complex, capturing direct bookings becomes more critical and business traveller communication gets more challenging. 

But it’s still your job to keep business travellers informed; it’s still your goal to help them make the best decisions for their trips, for their safety, for the business, and for the bottom line. That’s where Concur® TripLink® and SAP Concur integrated travel suppliers come in, bringing visibility, flexibility, safety and support to all your business travellers, even if they book outside of your programme. 

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