VAT Reclaim for Public Sector Bodies

Public sector organisations have never been under such severe financial and budgetary constraints. Having to completely restructure and reallocate their finances to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic, every single pound now counts. 

With demand for public sector services under more pressure than ever, ensuring the sector makes the very most of the dwindling budgets at their disposal while maximizing financial efficiency, is essential if they are to meet the needs of end-users and continue to deliver effective frontline services. 

Having a clear, thorough and active VAT strategy has never been more crucial. Bearing in mind the scale of public sector expenditure, clawing back even the smallest amounts can add up to significant gains and make a huge difference to public sector departments. 

There are vital steps you can take now to ensure you claim back every penny possible - optimising your budgets and boosting your ability to deliver services. 

Read our ebook and discover the five benefits of having improved insights on VAT and HMRC compliance, to maximise your VAT reclaim and keep an eye on your spend:

  • Understand exactly what HMRC is looking for
  • Avoid tricky VAT rules
  • Learn how to reclaim VAT on fuel
  • Take advantage of international VAT opportunities 
  • Embrace technology to maximise VAT reclaim


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