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Improve Employee Experience with Mobile Apps and Digital Platform Adoption

Lara Edwards |

No doubt, more of your employees are out of the office, either working remotely or traveling. Providing the right digital travel and expense tools can make team members and the company more productive, potential to tap amid tight times and a shortage of talent. 

Driving the use of mobile and digital adoption platforms can extend the effectiveness of your existing investments in SAP Concur solutions even further. And help make new and existing employees “happy customers” while giving your business greater speed, accuracy, compliance, and insight into spending. 

The mobile apps put T&E management right into the hands of employees and team leaders while delivering a timely view of spending. A digital adoption platform can help on-board new employees and easily and quickly teach current team members the automated and mobile tools you provide.  

With these self-service options, employees save time and frustration by learning as they use, while the company avoids the expense and resources that more intensive training and support require. Investing in a digital adoption tool can pay dividends, as IDC predicts CIOs who invest in digital adoption platforms and automated learning technology will see a 40% increase in productivity, delivering greater speed to expertise by 2025.1

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Everything You Need to Know: SAP Concur Mobile App​

Learn how to enhance the end user experience through the SAP Concur mobile app. Uncover features of the app, best practices for putting them to use, and how to increase employee adoption and satisfaction.

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Self-Service Tools to let you Work Faster 

Getting more from the team you have is more critical than ever. That applies to current team members learning new skills to cover gaps and higher workloads due to the labour shortage as well as to bringing new employees – if you’re fortunate to hire some – up to speed so they can be productive faster.  

A recent IDC Info Snapshot, sponsored by SAP Concur, Navigating a Dynamic Future of Work,* notes that a digital adoption platform can be particularly effective for familiarising employees with T&E solutions and processes that have undergone great change in recent years.

Manage travel on the go: The SAP Concur mobile app lets users’ book and manage trips and log expenses as they occur. You’ll be able to track their travels and the company’s spending faster and more accurately, while employees can more easily comply with spending policies. 

Scrap the paper: Few people enjoy navigating paper trails and filling out expense reports. The ExpenseItmobile app allows your employees to snap a photo of their expense receipts and send them directly to expense reports, with numbers quickly available for you and decision-making.  

Learn while using: Concur User Assistant by WalkMe is a digital adoption service that walks team members through a solution with on-screen prompts while guiding them with visual cues and tips. A chatbot helps them complete tasks and addresses questions. Instead of getting frustrated, they learn the process and technology. They can focus their time and energy on work that matters, while the business achieves efficiency and spending compliance. 

With the combination of core solutions and self-service mobile and digital adoption tools, your company can attain the efficiency and insights that covert each spending decision into a moment of clarity and confidence. That’s valuable at any time, but especially now. 

Learn More from a Closer Look 

Find out more about how ExpenseIt and WalkMe can help your team and business run at its peak abilities.

Get the IDC Info Snapshot, Navigating a Dynamic Future of Work, to learn more about trends and challenges that CIOs and other leaders expect in the years ahead. 

  • 1 IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Future of Work 2023 Predictions, doc #US48711022, October 2022
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