Case Studies

KBI Global Investors had an excel-based expense reclaim process that took up too much time for both travelling employees and the finance team. SAP® Concur® gave KBI Global Investors the tools to streamline the process and get far more visibility and insig
Finding an automated expense solution was a priority—one with local language capabilities that was easy to use across Europe and countries with different rules, regulations and government challenges. End-to-end visibility was also key.
A simple, easy-to-use wizard which lets employees do expenses in a short amount of time.
SAP Concur Improves Processes and Gives Visibility to Mandara Capital
More accurate expense claims to back-bill this consultancy's clients.
SAP Concur helps Mencap embrace digital tools and save money for vital front-line disability services
Streamlined payments have resulted in low delinquency and more accountability.
From manual to automated expense reporting in a very short space of time.
OCS finds the path to instant expense reporting with SAP Concur
ODEON chooses SAP Concur to simplify and modernise expense management
More control over budgets and employee spend. Plus improved mileage reporting.
Freedom, flexibility and control for employees. Better decision-making by managers, based on better insight into spend.
Cost-reductions due to less time spent doing expenses.
Finance team's workload reduced by 75%, costs are better tracked, mileage claim efficiency is improved.
A single, unified system across Europe with tailored rules for different countries, as required.
The mobile app gives on-site engineers a paperless way to process expenses.