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Looking for an easier solution to expense management? Concur makes it easy for employees to capture their expenses, so you can easily track, analyse and report on spending.

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T&E Management: Driving savings through better technology

T&E solutions need to drive measurable improvements to the bottom line. With the right tools, anyone can become a T&E leader with increased visibility, compliance, and cost savings. ...

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6 ways to uncover T&E savings where you may not be looking: Concur has the data, delivers insight and integrates with your SAP system

Travel and expense is the second largest controllable area of business spending, and many financial leaders are unaware of hidden savings opportunities. By inspecting business travel and expense...

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Concur Travel allows you to book within your corporate travel policy from anywhere at any time to keep your employees productive on the road, all while reducing costs.

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Integrated travel and expense management

This comprehensive guide illustrates the full end-to-end solution of the integrated Concur travel and expense management solution. Including what the solution looks like, the benefits and how bu...

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Are you going in the right direction? A quick guide to navigating the complex world of business travel

Managing business travel is harder than ever in today’s constantly evolving travel industry. As the process of business travel is becoming increasingly more challenging to regulate, the pressure...

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Automate the time-consuming process of submitting, approving and paying supplier invoices, so you can accurately forecast and manage cash flow.

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Payment Practices & Performance: Quick Reference Guide

Legislation introduced in the UK on 6th April 2017 requires large companies to publicly report key statistics on how they conduct themselves when it comes to paying supplier invoices. ...

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UK Duty to Report Interview

For many large businesses compliance with the new legislation on payment practices and performance is now a reality. Suppliers will be able to check how quickly a company pays its invoices, whic...

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Concur's free mobile app complements our Web-based solution, allowing travellers to manage itineraries, capture receipts and submit expense claims anywhere, anytime.

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Why your expenses process needs fixing - and the easiest way to do it.

Constantly improving business processes means finding new ways to improve efficiency and employee satisfaction... Spreadsheets can't be done on a mobile phone, and they don't give visibility. He...

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POhWER Case Study

POhWER selected Concur to replace an existing web-based system and ensure cost-reductions due to time-savings, auditability, compliance, ease of access and ease of use (especially thanks to the mob...

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Additional Services

Extend the value of your Concur solution with additional services for reporting, integration to your financial, HR or CRM systems, support and administration and more.

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Take Control with Concur Audit Services

Missing receipts, user error and bookings made outside of policy are just a few things that can cause problems with your business travel and expense (T&E) claims. Download this asset to find...

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The Roadmap for your Postmodern ERP

Read Gartner’s 2015 "Strategic Roadmap for Postmodern ERP" and learn how cloud-based solutions greatly enhance your ERP. The paper highlights what CIOs and ERP leaders should be considering as t...

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