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QuickBooks Integration

Seamlessly sync your expenses and invoices with QuickBooks.

The QuickBooks Integration from SAP Concur eliminates the need to use legacy import files or manually re-key data as it is pulled directly into SAP Concur solutions in near real-time. An integrated system streamlines processes, reduces costs and ensures efficiency and accuracy. Having accurate and updated data in both systems is crucial to success for customers! Customers using the QuickBooks Integration can simplify their setup and reduce their implementation timeframe. Pulling in GL accounts, vendors , class, customer and location lists EMPLOYEE AND ACCOUNT VENDOR MAPPING Customers can import their employee vendors and AP vendors from QuickBooks into SAP Concur solutions. EMPLOYEE REIMBURSEMENT MAPPING Customers can map their employee reimbursements from SAP Concur solutions into QuickBooks marked as bills. CREDIT CARD MAPPING Customers can map their credit card transactions from SAP Concur solutions and post them into QuickBooks as either credit card or bill transactions. POSTING AND NEAR REAL-TIME FEEDBACK: Admins can post expense reports and invoices from SAP Concur solutions into QuickBooks automatically, with no manual entry. After processor approval, admins can see if the posting was successful by checking the payment status in the processor or the report / invoice audit trail. IDENTIFYING AND RESOLVING POSTING ISSUES: This integration flags processors so they can recall failed reports, allowing them to make necessary corrections. KEY BENEFITS: • Quick and easy setup • No IT or third-party implementation required • Bidirectional data sync • Near real-time data-sync INTEGRATION AVAILABILITY: QuickBooks Desktop: United States QuickBooks Online: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, “The integration will make things easier from a work perspective. We don’t need to export the template and import it into QuickBooks which will save us a lot of time.” – Customer To learn more, contact your SAP Concur Account Manager or submit an inquiry to contact SAP Concur sales.
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Works with these SAP Concur solutions:

  • Expense - Standard

  • Invoice - Standard

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