Streamline spend across your organisation

SAP Concur can simplify your travel, expense, and invoice management process by connecting the partners, tools, and data you need to control spend at every location.

Cut costs, improve employee satisfaction, and achieve more for citizens

With SAP Concur, you can achieve all this and more. By streamlining processes and supporting your finance team with technology to manage all aspects of spend, you can:

  • Help finance teams and employees spend money wisely
  • Control costs without compromising on compliance
  • Stop relying on manual processes and increase visibility
  • Improve reporting and discover new insights

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Why Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council adopted Concur Expense

Barnsley Council employed SAP Concur to modernise their expense process and benefitted from:

  • Increased productivity through allowing expenses to be submitted and approved on the go
  • An accurate, single view of employee spend for management personnel
  • Easing the burden on employees who previously had to complete laborious manual expense claims
  • Freeing up employee time to concentrate on more important tasks

Partial VAT reclaim puts money back in your budget

Compliance is important to every organisation, especially the public sector. For those public sector organisations that are able to reclaim VAT, if you’re looking for insights on VAT and HMRC best practices when it comes to employee expenses, look no further.

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Discover a robust, reliable auditing process

At SAP Concur, we’re often asked about the best way to audit expense claims. Approaches may vary, but the results are often the same – reduced inaccuracies and non-compliant payments.

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SAP Concur connects a variety of spending together in a single solution

Concur Expense

Track every penny of spending to identify cost saving and supplier negotiation opportunities. Streamline approvals and increase productivity.

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Concur Audit

Spot non-compliance in your expense claims using our audit service. Identify opportunities for VAT reclaim to put money back into your budgets.

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Concur Invoice

Streamline payments to avoid penalties and take control of cash flow. Put paper in the past for improved security and productivity.

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Some of the biggest companies in the world use SAP Concur to manage their spending

The University of Nottingham chose SAP Concur to improve their expense process for increased visibility.

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By automating their invoice process, Harrow School took the pressure off the finance team.

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