Integrate It: Travel and Expense - Better Together


Make Business Travel Simple

Concur and TripIt Pro take the pain out of business travel by managing all aspects of travel. Business travellers can book business travel from a broad selection of in-policy travel options, manage trip details and capture receipts using your mobile.

Automate Expense Claims

Automatically import credit card charges, matching them to receipts, itinerary data, and exclusive e-receipts from suppliers. Cash purchases can be easily added, receipts attached and the expense claim is ready to be submitted online or by smartphone – anytime, anywhere.

Review, Approve and Reimburse

Powerful workflow and built-in audit rules help managers quickly and easily approve in-policy business expenses. Concur Expense Pay reimburses employees directly or remits payment to the corporate card – without paperwork.

Report, Analyse and Learn

Concur Business Intelligence provides more visibility and transparency into corporate travel and expense spend, giving managers the information they need to negotiate with suppliers, concentrate on spend management, and detect fraud.

An Integrated Travel Expenses Solution

Managing business travel and expenses has never been easier using one simple solution.

Book it. Using either your smartphone or internet browser, book all your travel needs for your next business trip from a wide-selection of travel suppliers using our travel and expense management tool.

Can you go first-class? As your travel policies are integrated, its easy to find out if the travel you want to book is within policy.

Share it. Once booked, your travel details can be used to generate a single itinerary that can be shared with colleagues, with your family, or on social networks.

Expense it. Your booked travel is used to automatically generate your expense claim.

Did you pay for it with your credit card? All travel expenses for your trip can be automatically imported. Any out-of-pocket expenses can be added via your mobile phone at the time you make a purchase, and a digital image of the receipt can be quickly attached to your claim.

Just enjoy your trip, and your expenses are completed before you get back to the office.

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Automate Your Travel and Expense Management Process

Managing paper or spreadsheet-based expense claims is a thing of the past. Research indicates that automation makes it 41% faster to complete a single expense.

Having your expense spend data available to you means that it is easy for you to review, approve, process, audit and pay expense claims. And it also provides you with better reporting capabilities, giving you essential insight into what travellers are spending.

Control Your Expense Compliance

At a time when compliance is becoming ever more complex we help ensure that you keep in line with HRMC regulations and stay on the right side of the Bribery Act. In fact we make managing compliance straight-forward.

We incorporate your travel and expense policy, and any spend that is outside policy is flagged for further attention by approvers or the finance team.

As any credit card spend is automatically fed into our solution you can be sure the data is accurate, but also that you have all the data you need for reclaiming VAT. Controls within Concur will also guarantee that any manually entered out-of-pocket expenses have the all-important receipt data recorded.

Insight into Expense Compliance Whitepaper

Organise Your Travel with TripIt and Concur

Travel and expense is not a static process. The industry constantly changes. But with the right tools, you'll be able to adapt and adjust your processes and your policies to meet new business and regulatory requirements. Our T&E software also adapts to individual traveller preferences for both large and small organisations. From pre-trip approval to reimbursement to all the steps in between, Concur can help.

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Book Travel and Manage Travel Expenses on Your Smartphone

Keeping on top of travel and expenses while you are travelling can be hard. That is why our mobile app gives you the freedom to manage them on the move.

Want to amend your booking? If you need to change your flight, book a hotel or rent a car, our mobile app lets you do it all.

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