Concur Travel & Expense

Integrate T&E processes and get a unified view into travel bookings and spending data, all in one place.

The value of integrating your travel and expense solution

When it comes to business costs, travel and expense is at the top. By combining T&E into one solution, organisations can automate processes and capture employee spend in one place. That way, you can access integrated spend data, control costs, and deliver a better user experience.

  • Make smarter, data-driven decisions with a complete spend picture
  • Flag policy compliance violations automatically
  • Save time by flowing booking data into expense reports automatically
  • Simplify budgeting, forecast more accurately, and improve vendor negotiations

The benefits of a connected T&E solution

Manage travel and expenses in one connected platform

SAP Concur solutions let you connect travel suppliers, travel management companies, credit cards, suppliers, mileage, apps, and more. With easy access to all your T&E spend in one place, you get more control over costs and an easier time enforcing compliance.

Can your current T&E solution keep up with today’s business travellers?

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Controlling business travel expenses

Controlling costs is a priority for businesses, and with T&E being the second highest cost after salaries, organisations must have proper guidelines in place to maintain that control.

With a robust expense policy in place your employees will know what the rules are, so they can comply and your finance team know which claims to accept or reject.​

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Gain total visibility and control of your T&E

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By taking travel and expense management into the cloud, the company has gained total visibility and greater control and has significantly reduced the burden of internal teams on processing travel and expenses from almost 400,000 employees every year."


SAP Concur has a better way to handle T&E management

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