Automate your Invoice Management Process with Concur Invoice

Reduce the average cost of processing a single invoice by more than 80%

Increase your profitability with accounts payable automation.

Speedy invoice management is critical for the accounts payable team. Automate your AP with SAP Concur and you'll gain speed and efficiency-plus a new way to monitor and manage spend to maximise your profitability.

  • Capture invoices quickly and accurately
  • Stay on top of spend
  • Streamline purchase requests and automate approvals
  • Spot inaccurate and duplicate invoices before they get paid

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Take invoice management to the next level.

Concur Invoice can be customised for your workflow. Simplify and speed up capture while providing more visibility into every step of the process with accounts payable software

Speed up invoice processing with automation.

Significantly reduce the time and resource spent on processing supplier invoices through an automated solution.

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Reduce data entry and save time.

Replace manual input of data with Concur Invoice to reduce errors and speed up your team's process.

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Get visibility into spend before it happens.

Predefined reports, dashboards, and key metrics offer a comprehensive view into spending for more informed decision-making and increased ability to manage cash flow.

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