Spend management solutions for SMBs

Tools to help SMBs streamline spend processes, cut costs and make smarter business decisions.

Improve productivity by managing your travel and expense (T&E) costs in one place

When your employees travel for business, they are incurring expenses. This could be hotel bookings, car hire, meals or train tickets to name just a few examples.

With an integrated, mobile travel and expense management solution, employees can quickly submit their business trips and any expenses incurred. You can then see travel and expense spend more clearly, giving you visibility of opportunities to cut costs.

Essential guide: Managing expenses

Automate financial processes to gain visibility of the unseen, thrive and grow

Your company is sitting on a wealth of spend data that, if managed efficiently, can unlock valuable insights that help you control cash flow, plan for future growth, enforce compliance, and mitigate risks.

How? Automating expense and invoice processes is a first step many businesses take and gain incredible benefits from.

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Speed up expense reimbursement for your SMB

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"Before, people would submit their expenses weekly and they would be paid by about the 18th of the month. Now, people are submitting their expenses monthly and we’re paying by the 7th or 8th of the month.”

Market leading solutions you can trust

  • Ranked a leader on the G2 Grids for Travel, Expense, and Invoice management
  • The only provider accredited by the Institute of Chartered Accounting for England and Wales for both our expense and invoice solutions
  • More than 600% ROI over three years with both Concur Expense and Concur Invoice as validated by IDC

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Increase visibility, improve compliance and cut costs with SAP Concur

Essential guide to managing expenses

This essential guide covers everything you need to know about automating your expenses with handy tips of what to look out for.

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VAT, mileage and HMRC compliance tips

This handy guide captures all the basics and contains handy links to useful sources to help keep the tax man happy.

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Build your own expense policy

Create your very own customisable expense policy template in just a few clicks with this free online policy builder tool.

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